Movement Bug/Lag In-Game?

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TLDR: My champion, and nobody elses, stutters when changing direction and trying to get into their normal movement animation.

OKAY! Just finished a ranked game. Now, first of all, don't take me as that kid who says "OMG GUISE MY CONTROLLER JUST BROKEDZZZ" I most certainly am not. We won the game, and I didn't feed, so there's nothing like that for me to cry about.

However, it was quite the frustrating game. Every time I tried to switch the direction I was moving, there was almost like a very split second *almost* pause, and then as my champion continued to run, it got back to normal. I turn around, it pauses again. This does not look like a high latency problem. I can see my champion start moving very slighty, then aaallmost gets to a complete stop, and then keeps going. At first maybe I thought it was just the champion I was playing having some problems. I went into a custom and tried with a few different champions, and had the same problem.

Another thing that happened, and I don't know if this is related. But I tried jumping into a 1v1 vs a Tristana, I could have easily killed her with Heal bait, but, as I mash the hell out of my "F" key, no heal goes off. Eventually I try again later in the game and Heal DOES work.

My ping and FPS stayed stable the entire game.

edt again - more info: this wasn't happening until a few hours ago. I played lots of games today and it was fine.
edit again - thought of a good word to describe it. My champion "stutters" for a second when I change direction and try to move

-edit Visually it kind of looked like an FPS spike while the champion tried to accelerate into it's movement animation, but no other champions animations near it, or spell animations, or the FPS meter at the top right, were doing the same.

Is this a problem for anyone else at the moment? It's making the game unplayable, and, nobody else in the game I was in was having the same problem.


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I made a post in this thread yesterday that seemed to be having the same issue as yours, but your description seems more accurate to what i was experiencing.

If you don't want to read that then my solution was to set your Frame rate cap to Stable or 80 and below, having it set to High or Benchmark caused the stuttering that you described.

I'm no expert on this but it seems like the higher your FPS goes the more stuttering you experience. I can set my cap to High and put shadows on Very High and I experience very little to no stuttering, but if I turn shadows off I immediately start stuttering again.

Hope this helps

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I am having the same issue, and it is affecting my game play, espeically cs'ing where I do a lot of quick movement changes in order to last hit effectively.

It's definitely not a latency issue, or is it anything to do with my ISP as I have never had this issue prior to the latest patch. My FPS sits at a steady 90 and does not fluctuate to a huge degree at all.

Originally I thought it may have been just a delay/issue with my mouse but i have tried with several others and am still getting the same problem.

Tilan thanks for the post, and although I did try playing with my FPS cap and shadows as well as resolution, none of it seems to be fixing the issue, i have also done 2 repairs hoping the client would be able to pick up on the problem, but no success there either.

Anyone else got answers??

EDIT: whoops, just realised how old this post is, my bad! Unfortunately I've run into this issue and any help would be appreciated!