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Experience Vs Guard Towers

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After playing about 2-3 weeks lv30 now (about 300+ games), almost tried all champions (besides twitch) seen how other team plays and learn from mistake. My Point is Guard towers are becomming a Joke. They focus on minons until a another champions hit u and it finish off a minion first before it will Focus on you.

I play 3 games and If team listen, all u need to do is Go mid all the way. IF u can out play the other team Destroy an Inhibitors wait for super Minions. Don't need to waste time destroying all the side turrets, just go for the Kill. After lv10+ 4-5 champions can destroyed those 2 towers guarding the base in Second. Of coz I use Alistar to lead Tank and Stun.

If u play with experience player they know its Do or Die, go for the kill. IF not, drag on game time destroy all towers and then 50/50 upset loss. I hope everyone catch on cause these Guard Towers are useless after certain lv.