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TF and poppy

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TF and Poppy laning together is a really good combo
if your tf is good at getting gold cards and i mean like can get it every time
then you can almost always domminate

heres what you both do
try to get to the grass first it is needed
you have to be in there grass first

next tf will have pick a card and you will have wall slam

when game starts most people will hug the far wall away from the grass
when they are close enuff tf gold card stuns then poppy wall slams thats two stuns lots of dmg and if you use ignite you will probly kill them

hit level 2 get devistating blow do the same thing and hit them with that and its prety much gg in your lane unless they tower hug like no tommorow
witch will happen after the first 2-3 deaths unless there uber noob

but when your level six you can start the tower dive feast

skills as poppy
i get
1. Heroic Charge
2. Devastating Blow
3. Devastating Blow
4. Paragon of Demacia
5. Devastating Blow
6. Diplomatic Immunity
7. Devastating Blow
8. Paragon of Demacia
9. Devastating Blow

after after that its up to you guys what to get
also im in the defence tree with 32+ hp quins and magic pen runes
its strange but i have gotten away with 10hp in so many fights its just stupid
thoguth this could be because of her passive but im happy with this build so i keep it

im not sure what tf gets but i poppy usualy get a sheen as fast as i can along with boots of swiftness
its a really sick combo i gotta say
oh and if you see me and lil white in a game together make sure to say hi

as for late game its up to you

also if anyone would like to tidy this post up please do as my puncuation and spelling is horrible
also other tips are nice but from what i have been doing a combo like this i have been leaveing games with 26kills+ as poppy yes we have been stopped but its extreamly fun

now lets see how many people will use this info ? =o

this is somthing for those who que with only two people and you wanan dominate your lane
stun stun stun
we even destroyed a mordikaiser lol he was sooo mad