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Corki's limited range + squishiness - suggestions?

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Hey all,

Much to the despair of my AT I tried to play Corki several times yesterday after reading he was "Top Tier" material and failed rather miserably.

The team composition changed several times but in the last game (when I thought I had the hang of him and played fairly well) our team composition was: Cho'Gath, Corki, Ashe, Master Yi and Poppy

We were against: Mordekaiser, Nidalee, Ashe, Morganna and Anivia.

My items went like:
Doran's Shield
2 long sword's
BF -> Brutalizer
Blood Thirster
Infinity Edge
Frozen Mallet
Phantom Dancer

I felt like I was doing "ok" damage by spamming missiles and auto attacking (with gatling gun on) but the problem I had is this:

They were going around in a 5 man gank squad from level 12 ish onwards. My battle strategy consisted of staying near the outside peppering them with rockets and auto-attacking until they had someone other than me as their focus. At which point I'd run in, proc gatling gun, attempt to phosphorous their Ashe and attack their squishies (while trying to make sure gatling gun hit all of them).

The problem with this seemed to be that I never did enough damage to kill anyone before dying / having to retreat as I was instantly focused as soon as I came near to phosphorous.

I don't feel like I could've done much else to help and times where I charged in with the team (earlier in the game using gatling gun) I got raped pretty fast.

So I'm just looking for a few tips / have a discussion about how to use Corki's abilities without leaving yourself totally vunerable to being pwned. 1v1 he can pwn any phys carry imo but in a group fight with all the stuns / snares etc I would rather just pick Ashe and spam volley / cold arrows (at least it's sustained DPS at a safe range).


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Don't run in unless the enemies are disabled. Against the team comp you mentioned, you should be waiting for Cho'Gath to silence at least a few of the enemies (especially Anivia) before going in. Otherwise, you're likely to find yourself stunned and killed.

You should rarely be using Valkyrie to do anything other than run away or chase a fleeing opponent. Don't use it for the damage. I'll repeat: Do not use Valkyrie for the damage if you are!

In terms of items, get Trinity Force and Black Cleaver, then faceroll QERRRRR (Valkyrie is W, right?) and right-click for the win. Trinity Force adds huge amounts of damage while also giving you a slow that Corki really needs. Cleaver for the huge damage and armor reduction to go with Gatling Gun. After that, I don't know. Things like Banshee's or some kind of lifesteal or attack speed. I don't have much experience with Corki. Trinity Force, though, is pretty much a no-brainer item, and every good Corki I've seen has gotten it.

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You want to change up your item build and your usage of abilities.

Skip Doran's Shield, Phage, Brutalizer, Bloodthirster, and Phantom Dancer. Instead, get Catalyst, Mercury Treads, Black Clever, Infinity Edge, Banshee's Veil, Sheen.

Damage is always best, and it should be the first stat you buff. Attack Speed is just gravy, so don't consider it a requirement. You should forget about lifesteal completely, and don't bother stacking HP.

As far as abilities go, when a fight starts, wait for enemy champs to blow their initial loads and while they are on cooldown, move in with a Phosphorus Bomb quickly followed by a Gatling Gun. When you activate Gatling Gun, make sure you are right-clicking on the champion(s) you want to focus on. If you just aim into the fray and happen to target a minion, Corki's AI will often point him somewhere else when that minion dies, which could result in your Gatling Gun missing the enemy champions. Once Gatling Gun finishes, then start to clean up with Missiles.

This means you should save your Missiles for sniping and killing blows. Don't waste them early in the fight. Never use Valkyrie offensively. It's just a nice escape mechanism and the fire gives people a slight reason not to follow you. There are some times when you can use it to close distance and Phosphorus Bomb for a kill (if you happen to be out of Missiles, for example).

Also, don't stand in one place for too long. Stick and move. Stick and move.