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Pre-Match Team Chat for Ranked Solo Queue?

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Yngve Zephyrous

Senior Member


The more I play, the more I realize that unless I somehow manage to get well past 1200 ELO, I will never be able to rely on consistently decent matches and team setups.

I managed to almost reach 1200 from racking up wins in the 600 ELO range, but now with a loss streak I'm back in the 900 range.

Yet I've noticed the more people I play with on Skype, the better my matches go.

Riot, Solo Queue for Ranked is a joke for the following reasons.

1. Complete strangers are expected to form a viable team in just moments.
2. They have no way of communicating except team chat.
3. People ignore the mini-map.
4. There is no pre-game discussion of who will pick what champion, and who will fill what role. (Who is the carry, who does magic damage, who is the tank, et cetera.)

There is one potential way to fix that problem which tends to plague most solo queue problems. Riot, please make a pre-game team chat that allows the players that get joined together to discuss game strategy before they enter into champion select!

(Also, make a draft-mode option for normal games. I love draft pick myself, but hate that it's restricted to custom games and ranked.)

What does everyone think about this? I really believe it would help encourage the aspect of forming a decent team over just randomly playing whomever you want, plus, it would be a good way for Summoners to meet and get a chance to play with other players in voice chat who are also interested in Ranked play.

(PS: I know Riot briefly mentioned that they wanted to implement a voice-chat into the game itself, but common, do you really think that's going to happen anytime soon? And besides, the pre-game chat would allow some time for the team to actually strategize, rather than just thrusting them straight into champion select. It would particularly benefit those who don't have the resources for a voice chat.)