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Lets be intelligent about the dead master.

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Rectal Necrosis



So mordekaiser (or mordenkaiser, or however we're spelling his name), aside from being something that would make Jack black cry out tears in joy, he seems to be like an AP tank (much like Amumu).

I haven't been able to play him yet as my LoL launcher is acting up and I have to redownload the freaking game (don't expect to see me on LoL until sometime next week), so I won't be writing a guide anytime sooooooon for this german brute, but I do have some questions before I play him.

Like I said, I've been thinking about playing him mostly because he's german and I'm aryan and whatnot, so what do you guys suggest? Like I said I see him as a tank mage so a rylie's, a zhonya's, a mercury teads, a mejais/(insert another rod of AP here), a warmogs, and a force of nature or a frozen mallet. Like I said though, I don't know, so enlighten me.