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[Guide] Arctic Rebirth, Anivia the Cry[OP]hoenix

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One of my favorite champions to play as, Anivia is by nature what players would consider a caster. In this guide I will discuss key tactics to using her effectively, and then talk about how I play her in most of my games.

** http://www.livestream.com/Valldor => Have some older Anivia replays in there if you are interested in watching a few of them. They don't follow my current item guide as they are a little older, however I will try and get some new ones in there asap **

Anivia's Stats:

HP: 350 (+65 per lvl)
Mana: 237 (+53 per lvl)
Move Speed: 290
Armor: 10.5 (+4 per lvl)
Magic Resist: 30
Crit Strike: 2.1 (+0.4 per lvl)
HP Regen: 0.88 (+0.07 per lvl)
Mana Regen: 0.9 (+0.12 per lvl)

Anivia's Abilities

Flash Frost {Q}

AP Coeff: 0.5
Mana Cost: 80/100/120/140/160
CD: 13

Damage: 60/90/120/150/180 *can hit twice*
Effects: First Hit - Slow enemy by 20% for 3 seconds and chills them
Second Hit - stun enemy for .75 seconds and chills them

This spell is easily the most important one to master when playing Anivia. When you cast it, it will go in a straight line in the direction you aim it, and if it reaches the end of its range or you hit the hotkey (Q) again, it will explode. If the ice ball passes through a unit, it will take the damage stated above and become slowed (and chilled). If a unit is hit by the explosion, it will also take the damage stated above, and be stunned (and chilled).

*Note that this effectively gives the skill a AP ratio of 1, since it can hit twice*

Crystallize {W}

Mana Cost: 70/90/110/130/150
CD: 25
Width: 400/500/600/700/800 units

This spell is one of the most interesting and annoying abilities in the game. With it you can save teammates, gank enemies, and set up team fights to your advantage. That being said, a poor wall can end up doing just the opposite. The range on it is also very high, so you can cast from a relatively safe distance.

Frostbite {E}

AP Coeff: .5
Mana Cost: 50/60/70/80/90
CD: 5 sec

Damage: 50/85/115/145/175 *double damage if the unit is chilled*

This spell is what makes Anivia pack a punch. Following up your (Q) or (R) with this will take out a large chunk of an enemy's health.

*Note that the AP ratio is effectively 1, since it can do double damage*

Glacial Storm {R}

AP Coeff: .25
Mana Cost: 50/70/90 per sec
CD: 10

Damage: 80/120/160 per second
Effect: Slows movement and attack speed by 30% for 3 seconds and chilling them

Easily used to farm gold quickly and help push a lane, it is also one of the largest mana sinks imaginable. Because of this, you have to always remember to turn it off, or you will find yourself with no mana when you have to start running from that gank.


CD: 4 min

Probably one of the best passives in the game, it allows you to play a little more aggressive then most heroes early game. Tower diving you for first blood while this is up is no longer an option for anyone. It is also really good to have around in team battles since they will either have to focus you and let your team beat on them, or forget about you and let you rain down frigid and icy justice.

Ability Order

Now there are three unique lanning options for Anivia, all of which have merits:

Solo Mid: this option will net you a nice farm early and the ability to be up in levels on your enemy which lets you get some early kills in. Try and take solo mid as much as possible but be willing to give it up to someone like a Twisted Fate or a Carry you know can hold their own.

Dual Lane: The obvious other choice is going into a dual lane with a partner. I will discuss excellent lane combos later, so try and get a good lane partner for some kills.

Solo Top/Bottom: My favorite option though the most rare. This happens when your team has someone who jungle creeps. I like this because being against 2 players means i out level them, and they are going to be pushing me into my tower by sheer numbers. This allows me to score some kills if they get overly aggressive.

Now, in terms of skills I have two different builds, depending on what i am up against and what my lane situation is.

1 -- Flash Frost
2 -- Frostbite
3 -- Frostbite
4 -- Crystallize or Flash Frost
5 -- Frostbite
6 -- Glacial Storm
7 -- Frostbite
8 -- Crystallize or Flash Frost (pick whatever you did not get at 4)
9 -- Frostbite
10 -- Flash Frost
11 -- Glacial Storm
12 -- Flash Frost
13 -- Flash Frost
14 & 15 -- Crystallize
16 -- Glacial Storm
17 & 18 -- Crystallize

Now deciding whether to go flash frost or crystallize at 4, here is what makes me decide:

1. If you are solo, get flash frost since you will be leveling up faster anyway and getting to 8 for rank 1 crystallize will not take long
2. If you are in a lane against newer people who don't know how to avoid you and constantly get hit by your spells, go flash frost so you can farm them
3. If your lane partner has disables but not a lot of damage capability, go flash frost.
4. If your lane partner is melee and/or can do a lot of damage, or your opponents tend to avoid most your level 1 flash frosts, go Crystallize.


Lets face it, a lot of people scroll down to this part anyway just to see what items are probably good.

First Items : Doran's Ring + 1 HP pot, or Saphire Crystal + 2 hp pots

Why?: The first Ring+Pot is to get a little HP so that you are not so fragile. That along with the mana regen and a little bit of AP help out early. Going the second route is good because it starts you right into your catalyst. However you will be a little more fragile.

Shopping List (Core):
1. Catalyst the Protector (all the staying power you need, HP and Mana)
2. Boots
3. Mejai's Soulstealer (amazing AP, combined with the fact that your Anivia means you will probably get alot of stacks due to not dying)
4. Sorcerer's Shoes (or Mercury Treads if their team has a lot of slows and casters)
5. Rod of Ages (upgraded from that catalyst)

6a. Zhanya's Ring (tons of AP, and the new click effect is amazing)
6b. Void Staff (if the team seems to be stacking alot of MR, grab this instead of Zhanya).

This core build will get you packing a nice punch with your spells as soon as possible, while giving you and your egg enough survivability to not just get focused and killed.

Shopping List (After):
1. Which ever item (6a or 6b) which you did not get above.
2. Banshee Veil (nice MR, solid passive, more HP and Mana)
3. Guardian Angel (what is more annoying on Anivia then a second rebirth?)
4. Glacial Shroud --> Frozen Heart (capped CDR and helps against those physical carries)
5. Archangel's Staff (MP5 and tons of mana to ult is nice, on top of high AP)

Notice that there are 5 items in the after list but only 2 slots left. This is because it is basically up to you to decide which two you really want based on enemy composition and play style. Me? I usually go with the first two.

Summoner Runes/Spells/Masteries


There are only a few options to consider when picking runes for a caster. Honestly it just comes down to what you want, but here is what I use:

Red: MRP
Yellow: Whatever you want really
Blue: CDR
Quint: CDR or MRP

*You want to get enough CDR so that you have around 6%. 9 blue runes of static is going to sit you at 5.85%, for some that is close enough.
*You want to try and aim for 10 MRP if you can, as combined with Sorcerer's Shoes you will bring most everyone's base MR down to 0.
*Yellow is just that rune color that serves almost no purpose, just stick whatever you want in here. I went with MP5@18 to give me more lane power early game.


What I Choose : Teleport and Ghost

Good Spells on Anivia:
Teleport -- My favorite summoner spell, it allows you to gank lanes that are aggressively chasing your allies, allows you to stop backdoors, allows you to quickly shop and return to a lane to push, and best of all it allows you to escape as an egg (for the bonus lol's)
Ghost -- Gives Anivia much needed speed to manuever around a fight, and even allows her to run through her own walls which can help
Ignite -- The damage is decent, and the bonus 10 AP nice, not to mention the healing debuff
Flash -- Good for escaping, but also goo to set-up walls and ults. Fantastic to get right up in a carry's face and unleash your burst on them

Spells You Might Consider For Team Games:
Rally/Heal/Clairvoyance -- Why not be a team player?

Spells Anivia Should Not Get:
Clarity -- this is for people who think they don't need blue runes. If you arent getting blue runes you are doing it wrong
Smite -- Usually should only be used on people who jungle
Fortify -- Has always been a pretty worthless ability
Revive -- Honestly just not worth it for anyone in my opinion
Exhaust -- most of your spells slow the enemy already, you should not need this
Cleanse -- Not entirely a fan of this ability, as most of the time if it a snare that has you you should be able to flash or ghost and then Crystallize your escape route


What I Choose:

Offense: 9
3/3 Archmage's Savy
1/3 Deadliness
4/4 Sorcery
1/1 Archaic Knowledge

Utility: 21
1/1 Spatial Accuracy
3/3 Perseverence
4/4 Expanded Mind
2/2 Utility Mastery
3/3 Meditation
3/3 Quickness
1/1 Blink of an Eye
3/3 Intelligence
1/1 Presence of the Master

This is in now way the right way to mastery Anivia, as it comes down to playstyle. I do feel however that the 9 points in offense are a must, as archaic knowledge is a very valuable mastery against people who might try and stack MR against you.

Some Tactics and Tips

Blue Runes, Blue Runes, Blue Runes:

Get them. Really there is not much more to say. Your spells are expensive, your ult especially. You need these runes. The additional CDR is really nice as well.

Grass is your Friend:

Anivia is at her greatest threat when she is able to start right next to someone. For this reason, the tall grass is your friend. If an enemy hero is approaching you in the grass, throw down your ult and follow up with a frostbite. At that point they will probably be running scared, so you can easily aim a flash frost and stun them and hit em with another frostbite. If they are somehow not dead yet, you can easily finish em off with another ult/frostbite, while using crystallize as needed.
*Note that if for some reason they are not running after you jump them in the bushes, then you can expect they have a friend coming to help (or are just plain dumb), and you should either wall and run for the nearest tower, or attempt to go what i coin as "balls deep," leaving your ult on and hitting em with everything you got, attempting to kill them faster then their friend can get there, which is feasible with your damage output. If they die then you run as fast as you can (maybe you have flash up !)

Crystallize Wins Games:

Its true, crystallize is a spell that has some of the greatest potential to make or break a game. Learning when to crystallize is very important. Lets imagine an interesting scenario. Your teammate is at 70% hp and running from 3 enemy champions through the jungle, and you are running up to save him. Well you could easily crystallize behind him and you can both retreat to safety. However, wouldn't it be more devastating if instead you aim that crystallize between say two of their heroes, cutting off two of them while you and your teammate turn around and devastate the one guy unfortunate enough to be leading the pack? Again, Anivia comes down to being able to judge situations on your feet, do you take that guaranteed save or do you turn this would be gank into a counter gank?

Never Stop Moving:

If you fire a flash frost at someone, you should already be clicking to get closer to them, because lets face it, you are a slow bird. If you wait to see if it hits you might miss your opportunity to follow up with a frostbite. Of course do not do this blindly, if you are going to be charging in on this champion and a Blitzcrank is sitting off to the side waiting to grab you, then do not bother risking your life for 300 damage (unless of course you know it will kill him, in which case by all means go deep :-).

Map Awareness is the Key to Success:

Like many other players, I came here after playing DotA for a long time, and i cannot stress enough how important map awareness is. Being able to notice when that hero mid is no longer there can save you from becoming the victim of a gank. Always glance at that mini-map, if you cannot be sure of where all 5 of those red circles are, then you should always expect that one of them is in a bush waiting for you to get greedy. Also as a good teammate, let your teammates know if someone in your lane has not been around the lane for awhile, it very well could save their lives if they were not paying attention to the map

Rebirth is Some of the Best Bait:

The title basically says it all. You have a friend waiting in the bushes to gank the enemy in your lane. Start playing stupid yet aggressive. You do not want to scare him off, but you want to take damage so that he thinks he can take you. The best way to do this hit him with your basic ranged attacks. Enemy creeps will begin to attack you and weaken you. When you are at low health, try and rush him head on. He will either catch on and run, or try and fight you. Hopefully your friend will start coming in at this point. Your goal here is to time flash frost and stun him just in time for your friend to get in on the action, then follow up with a frostbite. Hopefully, you won't have to die if you can do enough burst, but otherwise you have rebirth as your ace in the hole, and your teammate will probably get a kill.


Early Game (Levels 1 - 7):

Harass, Harass, kill a creep for gold, and then Harass some more. As Anivia you have one of the longest range attacks in the game (600). You can easily take a pot shot at most heroes who try and attack a creep in your lane. Study their actions to see if they try and bait flash frosts. If so just wait it out, and once you can tell its not a juke but rather an attempt to last hit for gold, hit em with a Flash Frost, Frostbite, and attack. Your goal is to make the enemy champions in your lane hate you. If they start running right at you just run away and fire a flash frost over your shoulder and time the explosion, they will either have to move out of the way or eat it. If an enemy hero is sitting around the lane at low hp, let him get a little comfortable then suddenly flash in on him and combo him down for a kill.

Mid Game (8 - 14):

Try and farm and gank as much as you can, while also making sure you do not lose too much experience. Use your ult on a giant creep wave to make an easy few hundred gold and then fly to another lane to find a gank. At this stage in the game your frostbite is going give most champions living hell, as it will be maxed out and dealing a good bit of damage. Use those bushes to your advantage and get the jump on your enemy. If rebirth is up play more aggressively. Be bait for your teammates to score some kills.

Late Game (15 - 18):

Stick with your team as much as possible. Going out alone at this point will most likely cost you your life. With Crystallize you will probably save a few lives, and be able to set up team ganks easily. Again if rebirth is up and your team has your back, do not be afraid to get dirty and agressive, give them hell until you die. The key here is make sure your team can actually back you up, otherwise you will just suicide for no reason and lose this advantage.

Other Notes

Good Lane Partners

1. Anyone with a stun or snare is already a good lane partner for you, as you can easily line up a frost flash on their head and then frostbite. One of my personal favorites is Taric. He not only guarantees you a combo with his stun, but he can also allow you to play as aggressive as you want since he can heal you and also has some good burst of his own with shatter.

Bad Lane Partners

Honestly the list here is rather short, as not many characters are going to completely hinder you early game. Only Warwick and Yi have a complete lack of disables so they really cannot assist you on ganks

Good Heroes to Lane Against

Any melee hero is instantly going to cry for a new lane if you harass effectively. Some exemptions to this rule are the ones who can heal, like Taric (ya one of your best lane partners is also who you don't wanna see against you.) I well played Alistar can make you want to drop your head on your keyboard also.

Bad Heroes to Lane Against

Anyone with a silence is going to make you want to cry. Silence is probably one of Anivia's greatest weakness, and as such Fiddlesticks, Cho'gath, and Kassadin are going to give you a hard time. Also, as stated above, healers will ruin your harassment so Taric, Alistar, and Soraka are pretty annoying, and blinkers are really hard to kill so Katarina (only if they are good) and Kassadin (alas he shows up again). Morgana is also going to make you scream, as her spell shield is going to prevent a lot of early ganks, and her disables will leave you rather weak if you get hit by them. Lastly, Anivia is a pain to lane against...the irony is just too much :-).

**This about wraps up my guide, sorry it is a bit on the long side its my first attempt at one**
**Feel free to leave me any feedback you guys have or ask any questions you might have!**

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Senior Member


Nice guide. I typically start off with sapphire because it allows me to be better bait and harass more. I do recommend you take a look at void staff though. Unless the enemy is really stacking MR, they should have somewhere around 80 or below. Your sorcerer's shoes cut that down to 60. After that, you can go with void staff as a 40% penetration, or 24 penetration (or less if they didn't get much MR) or you can get the Abyssal Scepter for a -20 Magic resist AURA, which will be helping your team as well, and may even help you more if they don't have much magic resist. (The turning point is 70 MR with sorcerer's shoes. Any more than that, void staff makes you hit them harder; any less, abyssal is better, and abyssal gives the aura for your team as well.)
Another item I find useful with Anivia is the Archangel's staff. Not only does it perk your mana and AP, you get additional mana every time you cast a spell (low cooldowns ftw) and it gives you 2% of your mana as AP. With a lategame mana pool like 3000, that's 60 AP in addition to the flat 45 AP bonus from the staff. Besides Zhonya's and Mejai's, it has the highest AP rasing potential for a single item. The 5 mana per SECOND also helps you spam more, or make that push after a big team fight when everyone's drained.
Also, one other thing I'd like to mention is the golem buff. You have an insane damage potential with it, because you can drop storms on anything that moves and still have enough mana to fire your spells off as soon as their cooldowns are up.

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Senior Member


I don't think the external sources of "frost" work with with Anivia's frostbite any longer (ashe, nunu, frozen mallet, etc.). Personally I've seen it fail to do double damage with ashe's slow and frozen mallet. I read in another thread that they patched that out at some point, but I don't know when because I've only started playing Anivia recently.

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Hah you are right, wasn't aware i actually kept that in there from the older guide i wrote back in October >.< Thanks for catching that


I did make mention of the golem buff slightly in the tactics / tips area (blue runes), but you are right they are almost key to success as Anivia.

I completely forgot about archangel's staff, ill toss that in there.

The reason I usually end up getting void staff is a lot of people get merc treads (especially with an anivia against them), and then one person gets Aegis on the other team, which is automatically boosting anyone with merc treads towards that 70 MR threshold. You are right however with your calculations

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Junior Member


What if I can't afford runes? Would it be OK to have Clarity and Revive?
Might be wondering why I bought a champ instead of runes... That's cause I'm not level 20 and I don't wanna buy the poopy ones.

Also, nice build. The void staff is really good on Anivia.

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Senior Member


With Mpen runes and sorcerer's boots, I would only buy the void staff if someone is really packing MR(like over 60).

The void staff penetrates 40% of their MR. You'll have around 30 mpen from runes and boots, so if they have like 45MR the staff is only going to get rid of like 7 or 8 MR, which really isn't worth the price, so you could probably just skip it. (I know this from extensive Fiddlesticks playing.)

Otherwise, real good guide, I gave it a +1.

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Senior Member


What if I can't afford runes? Would it be OK to have Clarity and Revive?
Might be wondering why I bought a champ instead of runes... That's cause I'm not level 20 and I don't wanna buy the poopy ones.

Also, nice build. The void staff is really good on Anivia.

Why bring Revive? It's usually useless for the beginning-mid part of the game and teleport is a much better summoner skill imo.

And also to the OP, nice guide. I never tried Void Staff before so I'm gonna start experimenting next game. However, does the teleport thing with the egg still work? Cause I thought they fixed it

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It's been suggested to me to start with the ruby crystal instead of the sapphire. It goes into your catalyst as well and I don't usually have problems with MP early. Thoughts on this?

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The Council


It's been suggested to me to start with the ruby crystal instead of the sapphire. It goes into your catalyst as well and I don't usually have problems with MP early. Thoughts on this?

bad idea

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So compare a sapphire crystal to a ruby crystal. If you go sapphire, you are going to get 2 hp pots as well most likely. At 100hp per potion that is 200 more effective HP in the lane phase, which is more then you would get from a ruby crystal. On top of that you have more mana to harass. So the sapphire is the better option. If you are afraid of a lower HP pool at the start then a doran's ring + hp pot will probably be a better option as well then just a straight ruby crystal.