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Best Katarina Guide (and Q's for a build)

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Dont pick her.

No seriously. Dont.


But for those of us who want to have fun (and did before 6 patches ago), what is a good current build for katarina?

I usually go with:
1: Dorans + HP pot
2: Merc treads or Tabi
3: BF
4: BF

once I have those, if we are winning:
5:Void staff and BF

or if we are sorta even:
5:Warmogs + Force of Nature

Problem here is I feel useless until I get my BF sword. And even then, its not a huge boost.
Of course, I guess thats what it feels like to be lowest tier.

Anyway- input please.

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If you happen to pick her (who knows why you would), and actually want to be useful, buy wards. I won a long game last night where the kat on my team realized he wasn't doing any damage so he decided to ward up the whole map, and it turned out to be instrumental to winning. So yea, if you're determined to play kat, at least make yourself useful by buying wards.

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Katarina is my favorite champ. I love her. "Evil always win" make my heart jumping arround in room always. I got more than 100 games with Kata, with ~65% win rate in solo queue( 90% of my all games are on solo queue, even when i play arranged is with 1 or 2 ppls not 5) , i dont know what my ELO Is, but i gona explain u how i play:

Going to 21/9/0 in mastery, in utility leveling 2/2 on def abilities 4 times dodge and the 10% moven speed on dodge chance. Playing ALWAYS with Flash and Exaust. Double flash is great for both offensive and defensive , exaust wins u 1v1 and late game block 1 of enemy hard carry in 5v5.

Skills leveling as:
Sometimes if enemy get low HP before hit lvl2 or they got too much heal i get on lvl2 KI insted of Shunpo for Heal reduction, its helping a lot.

1st Doran Shield ( dont sell until late game)
Boots ( if u get early kills and u got 1500+ when u go in base dont buy before BF Sword)
BF Sword (If u get it like 2nd Item buy lvl 1 Boots)
upgrade boots to: most offensive Katarina buying Sorc, i dont. I prefer Merc or Ninja Tabi, but in 90% of games buying Merc Threats.
2nd BF sword - this is must , without 2nd BF u will become useless latetly this DMG boots is needed a lot.
Next item is defensive - if nobody in my team got Aegis , i get it (its HP , DMG and both def abilities boost /minor but still/ and its aura which help to team, if someone alrdy got it u can choose between Warmog and Guardian Angel.
After this items game must be finished, even sometimes u will not have the chance to get your def item. If the game continues i preffer to get :
Upgrading BF to BThurster , 2nd to IE. I dont like to go for many BT because in death u loose A LOT of your AD, need some farm to get it back which in late game is imposible.
Buyind 3rd BF insted upgrading the 2 which u got is sensless because will not improve u enough to compensate the BThurst atack and life steal or IE crit chance + dmg ( u will say that Katarina auto - atack is terrible but late game when u got 250+ dmg with IE u can crit for 500+ dmg after your combo skills are on reuse , i have done this a lot times).

Tip : One of my tricks(and i gues its working pretty good) is to use Elexir of Fortitude, the whole game long. Sometimes start to use it even before lvl6, but mostly after get BF Sword and lvl1 boots. HP and DMG boost help u A LOT, try this and u will not regret.

Starting my game with Dorian Shield + 1 HP pot. Game with Kata is a lot dependent who your enemy is and who is your teammate but, there are mostly like 2 options:

If u can harras your enemy nonstop. If u can mean that u can safety to BB them without get any DMG, or take enough little one. If that is posible u must be careful A LOT early game to can take every chance for kill, because the hardest part with Katarina is to buy the 1st BF Sword which is hard if u dont got early kill.

2nd option is that your enemy got too much CC and every time when u go to BB they pwning u. I know - this suck balls but this is "balanced" game.... Stay back , try to last hit with BB minions for gold, and again be careful every second because too much aggressive players often do mistakes like tower dive or trying kill u 1v2. U must take that chance , exaust your enemy and if your line partner is not stupid u will trick your enemy and get the kill.

After early game and when u got the BF, look into map for low HP enemys. Low HP mean ~60% , its enought low to can kill with combo : BB , Shumpo , Exaust , DL , BB. Its preferable enemy to cant stop your DL or Teleport from it (for our bad most of players play with Flash and very often flashing out from DL, just be careful with corect timing u will trick them). Try some gangs , def the towers, i dont know what to say here because its very deppendant of how game is going.

Dont thing the whole Katarina is only ultimate. Its true that this is your main killing ability but its not your whole game at all. Before 5v5 goes on when u kitting the enemy, spam BB + KI , as much as u can. BB with 2 BF do enought dmg to feel the difference, also after execution calling nerf , Katarina is one of the few champs who got heal reduction , and Katarina is posible to hit 5 enemy with that. Also use KI when pushing towers , its increase your DMG when continuously hitting the tower. Never initiate 1st in battle. If enemy carrys are auto-attackers, when initiating always go with KI+ Shunpo , dodge will boost your survive A LOT. Before lvl 2 or even lvl 3 on DL , dont try to go into the enemy center to use your ultimate. U will hit only 1 or 2 of theyer champs and u will be between the 5, this make u on a lot risky position without better result. Its enought 2 or 3 enemy to be close to you and u can use your DL , sometimes i use it even only 1 enemy is near me (but i`m sure that i gona kill it).

Most of time to be good Katarina player mean to play smart. Dont forget to BB always before 5v5 because this usually mean u got assist to most of kills = 50 gold for every assist + very fast DL reuse. This is pretty important.

Usualy i avoid all AP Items like Void staff and RylayS. They are usefull just i dont know how long game must be (probably more than hour and half O.o) to buy them.

Its true that after lvl6 without BF Sword u became useless, but only thing which u can do is try to get that faking sword faster, I havent found any other way to make her viable before that. But with smart play i`m sure(and after some games with Kata u will use to it) that u will find the fastest ways to get that 1850 gold ASAP.

This what i can tell u for Kata or at least what is in my mind atm. If u got more questions, i will try to watch this post, feel welcome to ask.