Character Information screen bug.

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I think that's what the window is called - whatever 'c' is bound to.

I hit 'x' accidentally instead of 'c', and it brought up a red cursor (move and attack i think it is?), with the red cursor still active, I hit 'c'. The character info pane opened, however it was... attached to my cursor. What I mean is, whenever I moved my mouse, the window moved with it. I wasn't dragging the window, and the window wasn't actually touching my cursor in any way, but the window moved with my mouse movement exactly - as if it was locked onto the cursor movement.

I tried to clear it somehow by hitting 'x' again and using it, using some abilities, etc - no luck. It stayed this way for the entire game. Problem was gone next game.

To reproduce (although I didn't try again b/c I need to go to sleep ;P) :

1) Press x - do not left click.
2) Hit c
3) Observe window moving around with cursor