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Reached Intermediate Level - Looking to Improve

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So I've passed from being a beginner to being an intermediate player at the league of legends. I don't start fights I can't win. I run away if I have to. If I'm running I don't lead 3 angry opponents into my innocent friends. I vary my builds depending on the team I'm facing. And I try to buy a ward every time I go to the base.

I'm finding it difficult to move to the next level, and I'm looking for any specific tricks or tips you've learned over the years. General things you do that you don't really think about. Like, for example, how do you move through the bush to get to an enemy? How long will you wait for a kill? How do you know when you're being baited.

Any advice is appreciated.

ps: I don't think it matters, but the champion I play the most and hope to become the best with is Malphite.

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- run where the enemy will go when you're chasing rather than directly to them
- when you come in for a gank run with them not at them
- if someone is helping to gank your lane then don't suddenly go aggressive if you were defensive and vice versa
- actually aim to always be aggressive in lane, lane domination works psychologically and physically
- don't pull the 'let's wait for them to push up' shtick, if they're ungankable then don't bother
- you're being baited when the guy in front of you will lose to you in a 1v1 situation and half the team is mia
- when you place wards place them to maximise their efficiency, don't just stick them on the primary objective
- when laning last hit only
- know when you're beat, ask for a lane switch
- know the abilities of every champion
- notice the small things, like if their warwick built a spirit visage save ignite for him
- chain your cc, don't throw it all on immediately
- don't cc the first person that comes in on a team fight. the moment someone comes in you hunt for the primary target
- if there's a good player on your team follow his example
- if there's a bad player on your team lead by example
- click enemy champions and check their defensive stats. if their shen is raping you but he only has 40 mres nuke him down
- don't understimate the usefulness of elixirs, if you anticipate a team fight coming up you might as well buy one
- learn the paths of junglers as well as their clear times so you can anticipate ganks
- when doing buffs or dragon lead the monsters away so you're in a position to escape if you're interrupted
- doran's items help you when you're behind, but realise you have to make up for the deficit
- boots and 3 health potions are good starting items when you have no idea what to do
- solomid.net if you're still stuck
- don't overextend if they have a nocturne
- give up on chasing for too long if they have a shen
- if you're top and 4 of them are bot then push that tower down
- dragon is worth 2-3 kills
- baron is worth 5 kills