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Tanklesticks: Fears none, yet fears ALL

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Well, i just tried this build. It works. The Banshees veil saved me from alot of stuns and slows from Twisted fate and Ashe, but i felt i was doing very low damage. The only times i did serious damage were when i used crowstorm, which made them **** theire pants but besides that, drain and dark wind seem to do very little damage. I try to DW, then fear, then start draining an enemy, ans i end up by not even taking 1/3 of his health :s Maybe adding a little AP in the mixture would be nice?

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PrisonSex, I fully support your guide. It is a very good guide that translates into high-level play. Thank you for taking the time to write it.

As a fiddle player myself, here are my responses for the plain ignorant criticisms of this guide.

1. AP Ratio. Yes, the AP ratio on Fiddles is horrible. You can say dark wind hits multiple enemies, blah blah blah. The AP ratio may be good by some people's standards, but going AP is simply bad. The simple answer is, do you want a fiddle that does dmg or crowd control? In higher level team comps fiddle is the designated controller, with the dps taken up by someone else. Fiddles doesnt HAVE TO DO DMG because there are already competent dpsers on your team.

If you go AP, it is quite obvious the enemy team will focus you. Good lucky surviving. Especially in higher level match ups, where the enemy team can get to you quickly if you ult in. The comparison between Fiddle and Annie is like comparing apples to oranges. Annie can stay back perfectly fine and dish out dmg, while Fiddles ult requires you to be in the middle of the action. Annie has quicker cooldowns too. Stop comparing Fiddle to the true damage spell casters.

2. Continuing from point 1, what is the point of going AP then? Survivability reigns over AP because you're much more useful to the team that way. Ignorance that plagues this post is like ignorance that plagues the tiered champion lists (OMFG MY BUILD IS GOOD CUZ I GOT X KILLS IN A GAME) or (OMFG I SOLOED X HERO).

3. This guide is one of the few that translate well in high level play. Learn it people.