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[Guide] Yo ho ho and a bottle of....unidentified green goo.

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I don't know how you're dealing with having so little mana so early. Hanging out and occasionally using some poison is fine, but if you're wanting to fling + poison, and especially if you want to throw your ult on at the same time, you will be dry of mana so very quickly, and with no regen items, it's blue pill for you. I like the regrowth pendant early like a lot of people, but then I get to work on a rod of ages. That catalyst early makes a big difference, and then I can just lay my purple fart gas on anything i want. Futhermore, after maxing poison, you hardly need any items to help you farm.

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On the note of using Riot's build....most people build them left to right.....which I find less effective. Got to try enlighten the masses!