Anivia Bug

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Playing Anivia, I use her Glacial Storm ability fairly often to kill creep. When I first started playing her, I noticed some text pop up over her head every time this ability was toggled off. The message read "CooldownStat: 0". To me, this looks like a debug message that was never removed.

Even if it isn't a debug message and is actually supposed to be there, the number is not rounded when affected by Cooldown Reduction. The second set of screenshots shows Anivia ending her Glacial Storm and the same "CooldownStat" message popping up. However, this time, it displays a 15 decimal place number. If this message is actually intended to be there, shouldn't there be some sort of rounding going on to make the number easier to read (rounding to 2 decimal places perhaps)?

These screenshots were taken in practice games againts bots. For the game without Cooldown Reduction, I ran with no glyphs and no invested mastery points. For the other game, I ran with the attached glyph page (giving me 0.77% Cooldown Reduction) and maxed Sorcery (granting an additional 3% Cooldown Reduction).