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[GUIDE] AD/Support Heim!

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Massive Banana

Senior Member


Before you call me crazy... I know I am. There are two types of players with tons of wins under their belt - I'm the kind that just doesn't care anymore and loves to see what I can get away with. If you're interested in a stupid fun build which isn't really viable, yet *shouldn't be quite this good*, keep on reading!

The Gameplan
AD Heim is an excellent, and I do mean excellent solo mid. Early game, your goal is to shut down the enemy mid as hard as possible. This is achievable in many situations but there are exceptions (eve on the enemy team? just forget this whole guide).

By the time towers start falling and people leave their lanes, you should be thinking about switching gears to an aura-centered support champ. I find I am most comfortable with physical dps teammates for this build. You ALWAYS want a good tank or two on your team for this. Bad team = bad heim, so grab some friends for this one.

Why AD Heim?
The base damage for his spells are quite respectable, and have serious utility as well. You can ignore ap/mana/mpen entirely and still make quite a statement with your spells all game long. Meanwhile, Heim has the range needed to kite early and kite hard. And most of all, people will not be expecting this. By the time they realize just how much your wrench hurts and react, it's going to be too late for most players to regain their lost footing.

Runes and Masteries are Key
You need to be dominating out the door at level 1. The goal is to shut down the enemy solo as hard and as fast as possible. For this I run straight AD, armor, and mr on my rune page. I use 21/9/0 masteries and run exhaust/ignite. Make sure to get points in enhanced ignite/exhaust if you run these as well, and get armor/mr/strength of spirit on your defensive page. You can play around with this setup if you like, just remember your goal is to be overwhelmingly offensive at level 1.

doran's Blade
emblem > stark's
[optional] 2nd emblem (stacks with stark's, sell later for higher end items)
boots > merc treads

Grenade > missiles > ult > turrets

Early Playstyle:
Good grenades will make or break you. I recommend this build only if you can land good stuns consistently.If you can, you will have great amounts of fun bombing the **** out of people and zoning them hard with your awesome kiting potential. Exhaust/ignite is a stupid good combo right now and dramatically increases your chances of getting fb - abuse the opportunity early while you can.

YOU NEED TO LAST HIT for your items. This is a stupid fun build, but not a lazy one. Zone them hard while hogging all the last hits you can, and rush your emblem asap. This is a hilarious item on Heim! It lets you harrass and just stay in your lane forever. If you're against another champ with similar regen capacity, consider getting an emblem again after you turn your first one into starks. This will let you go toe to toe with a higher level vlad, for example.

I ignore turrets entirely unless I'm getting ganked lots by multiple people. I use it primarily for the slow from my ult, nothing else. I don't like to push with turrets because that defeats the purpose of ad heim: to dominate at early levels and keep the enemy solo zoned.

Mid to Lategame
Much as I love to go pure AD on Heim, this becomes too useless too quickly - you'll just be trolling at that point. So my build is a mixture of team support, survivability, and respectable damage. It's sort of a "sweet spot" for a support champ - not quite squishy or damaging enough to warrant being focused first, but still a real asset to your team in every respect.

Picking up a bloodrazor and voidstaff will keep your dps sufficiently scaled throughout the course of the game. During teamfights, you can focus on disabling enemy damage dealers, clearing spell shields with your rockets, and helping your team maintain better positioning. Your turrets still give you that extra edge while pushing, esp with your aegis there.

And most of all, this is just a ridiculous way to play. It won't always work, but you may be surprised with how often it does. And killing that decked out Rene player who thought he could 1v1? You and your friends will be laughing about it for a long time! So go try it out, have fun, and post your thoughts on how you like to play AD Heim!

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Senior Member


I'm going to take the somewhat controversial stance and say that people aren't stupid; they'll look at your items, see that you're building AD Heimer, they'll stop worrying about your spells so much, and just beat you down. Your auto attack damage might catch your opponents off guard once, but that's it.

If you want to give your attacks a little more oomph, why not just build a Lichbane?

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Massive Banana

Senior Member


Catching the enemy mid off guard once is often all you need to dominate early. People do have to worry about your spells for a while without a single caster item. If you continued to build pure AD after early game, you'd be right. Hence shifting to an aura-based support champ with survivability later on. Heim should be joined at the hip to his team by this point in time... if you're really worried about being beat down, you can run flash or something.

And there's no lichbane here because then it wouldn't be AD Heim!!!11one

Emphasis on the "stupid fun" aspect on this build