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Tiamat: Who fits it best?

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So tired of people regurgitating the same bunk over and over again. An expensive farming item? Really?

Tiamat is clearly as many of you have so obviously pointed out, NOT a farming item in the slightest. It has but one singular pourpose...pushing. This item is a mid/late game pushing item. It is designed to tunr otherwise single target DPS champions into adequate pushing champions at a time in the game when pushing is critical to winning.

I have found the best results for this item to be on champions with supiror mobitlity and map control...but little in the way of viable pushing skills. Throw Tiamat on say a champ with a global teleport, like shen or a panteon, and watch them split push a lane as fast as Sivir on crack...only to make that timely entrance into a team fight should one break out. The ability to run the Teleport spell on any champ can yeild similar results.

It also makes for an excellent tower defense item. Tiamat allows you to clear a large wave of minions fast with auto attacks. This conserves mana for more important uses, and allows champs who dont have viable AoE to defend them better. It also discourages tower sieges by enemy champs as you can attack them and deal damage to nearby minions, making those tower shots get to the juicy targets that much quicker.

People who play this game need to realize the big picture. It has very little to do with actually killing enemy champions...and a whole heck of a lot more to do with pushing towers, inhibitors, and finally the nexus to the ground. Items that help you kill champions better are great...but only if they ultimately lead you to also taking down one of the 3 things i just mentioned. Otherwise you are more than likely a try hard that actually sucks at playing this "TEAM STRATEGY GAME", and doesn't understand why your team can still lose a match even when you outscored the enemy 2 to 1 at the end.

To get back to the point...yes Tiamat is generally a stronger choice in TT map, and yes there are a number of gimmick builds that utilize its unique aspect in some humorous and surprisingly effective, though unreliable, results. But with the right game plan and mindset, it makes a perfectly viable item on teams that focus on pushing and map control, even on SR.