RIOT: Please consider the following.

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All in all, I think this queue dodge penalty isn't going to be such a big deal. A lot of people seem to be getting pretty TO'd about it, but I've seen Pendragon make some pretty valid points in favor of it. I don't usually queue dodge, myself, unless (as he did in fact mention) I happen to see a Clarity/Revive Mundo... But I think there should be some automated ejection system specifically for C/R Mundos...

Anyway. As I said, I don't normally queue dodge. Even characters that are supposedly "bad" because I've seen people do very will with characters most people hate the idea of playing with. BUT...

There has been more than one occasion when in the solo queue or when queuing with one other friend that the same AFK player has been repeatedly matched into my team. We knew that he was afk because he hadn't picked a champ by 5 seconds like 3 times in a row, and finally he did come back and admit that he didn't even know he was in queue.

Before you implement a penalty for dodging (which is perfectly OK with me) please at least find a way to force a requeue if it appears that a player isn't there. I don't mind playing with any combination of heroes, but it's not fair to potentially force a team to go 4v5 because someone honestly didn't know that they were queued, or because they were AFK and got randomed into a character they don't know how to play and have inappropriate runes/masteries for.

There is a random button for players who want to pick random. <-- Admittedly I don't know how it works because I've never used it, but surely the game can tell the difference between "picked random" and "didn't pick a character in a minute and a half."

I'm just saying. Think about this while you're doing your implementing... because 4v5 really isn't very fun.

My solution would be some way to auto-requeue and remove AFK players from the queue so that good people like myself don't have to have AFKers on our team and don't have to face a penalty because of that.