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nasus' guide for levels 1-3

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He's obviously a new player guys. Cut him some slack.

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everything you said is somewhere in between wrong and almost wrong.

1: Siphoning Strike is god. Every time you CAN put a point into it, you put a point into it. You want to maximize you're farm on it, and every rank drops it's cool down.

2: Spirit Fire is largely a wasted ability when used early. In a group lane all you're doing is pushing out. In a solo lane you're doing much the same, and potentially loosing SS farm. It DOES have it's uses if you're going 2v1, but that's on the basis that getting some farm is better than none. The ability is expensive, and early on weak enough that enemy champions won't care about it, but still does enough damage to lane mobs that is' problematic on YOUR end. I flat out ignore it till I don't have a choice, or if the other team is extremely push-happy and I need the "get in, cast spell, get out" kind of lane portability the spell grants later on.

3: Whither is expensive. Don't cast it if you don't intend to chase down the target and smack them a few times.

4: Ninja Tabi is largely a joke. If AD characters are seriously giving you trouble you have better options- a Guardian Angel or a thornmail is theoretically all you need. Nasus really does need Mercury's Treads, bar none.

5: Nasus doesn't need a Doran's Item if you have a properly built rune book and mastery set up. In fact, buying boots as his first item + potions is generally preferable because the increased mobility means last hitting is a lot easier to do with him, along with dodging the other team's harassment.