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Problems reinstalling

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because of problems that occurred a while back, I thought I would fix them by reinstalling the game...

bad idea,

it has been a few months and I still haven't been able to reinstall the game.
I have searched my computer to the best of my ability, and have deleted all of the league of legends related files that I could find, but for some reason each time I go to reinstall the game it won't allow me.

the error message makes no sense:

the setup has detected that version 1.20.000 of League of Legends is already installed.
This setup installs an earlier version of league of legends (1.3).
You will have to uninstall the previous version before installing this version.

If anyone could clue me in as to what is going on here I would greatly appreciate the help.
thanks in advance

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I have the same problem it's so annoying done all the searches for the files on my computer but they aren't anywhere.