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[Champion Suggestion] Atorno the Bola Master

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This character concept is a hunter/tank that has a unique bola mechanic. Bolas are heavy balls attached at the end of a rope used in hunting for capturing animals

Here are some skill ideas:

Bola throw: a skillshot that launches atorno's bolas. Whoever gets hit takes minimal damage and is slowed for a duration. Atorno cannot use revolve while an enemy is snared by bola throw.

Revolve: Atorno spins his bolas around him at a certain radius. This would show a rope with a heavy ball at the end spinning around atorno at a slowish speed like 1 rev/second. If an enemy is caught by the rope, they become entangled and get dragged by atorno for a certain duration. Multiple enemies can be caught if close enough together, following dynamics of a rope winding around something. other enemies can also be hit by the winding bola before it becomes completely wound. If they get hit by the ball at the end they will take damage and receive a short stun. Atorno cannot use bola throw if he is currently using revolve.

Trip: (short range) Atorno yanks his bola from beneath an enemy(or enemies) caught by bola throw or revolve, immobilizing them for a short duration and doing a small amount of damage.

Ultimate: Resourceful Hunter: Atorno gains his maximum momentum charge for a short duration, and allows atorno to use bola throw and revolve at the same time. He also gains a small bonus to movespeed.

Passive: Momentum: While atorno is not using revolve or bola throw, he spins his bolas around his head, increasing the damage of his revolve and bola throw by a certain percent every couple seconds. This bonus damage is lost after using a skill. While under the effects of momentum, stuns, immobilizes, and snares are reduced by a duration up to 50% after 25 seconds of not using bola throw or revolve

What do you guys think? I think revolve would be an interesting skill to see in action.