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Should Warwick's Ultimate me changed / buffed?

Yes, it's decent.. but needs buff/change 5 71.43%
No, I think it's balanced 2 28.57%
Voters 7 .

Warwick's Ulti?? Buff it, or Change it.

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Senior Member


If you're pirate or any person that uses cleanse, GG Warwick.

Make it uncleansable (or at least take pirates scurvy out from stopping it f sake)

If not the above, Make it that once it has been cleansed that it stops you from smacking the air (stunning yourself pretty much).


If you cast Warwick's ult just as the enemy walks into the bush. it gets cancelled, but it counts as if you used the spell... great... cooldown..


I mean not only is it a single target ulti that stuns you and the enemy for 2 secs, but it's extremely counter able... think about it... compare it to pirates ulti who's parley one shots you any way, global instant aoe... not saying its op, but compared to Warwick's ult, its super OP :L (Probably all champion ulti's are better then Warwick's, just picking on pirate for some reason).

That's why he is a low tier champion. and for 3150 IP.... come on.

Make his ult do more things like while your smacking the enemy for 2 sec's it slows enemy's near that location, in like a 1000 aoe radius.

Or make his ult that the lower hp the champion is the more damage he does with his auto attack (good for jungle as well) or a nuke when the lower hp the enemy is the more damage the nuke does, like a wolf bite or what ever, it makes sense., I mean he's a wolf , let him finish his prey while they are wounded.

There's so many possibilities in making his ult better.... or fully changing it would be also be nice.

Warwick FTW. ______ minus ulti.