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Idea for World Cup Skin

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Junior Member


I have a idea for a new skin for the Wolrd Cup 2010.

My idea is for the Card Master dress like referee , i think is a good idea, what you think?

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Senior Member


i dont like team sports. i like boxing, tennis. i live in the united states, in arkansas. to me football is soccer. to all these other rednecks around here football is something else. football is the only team sport i like. how awesome is it a sport has a 4 year tournament. with these skins/runes for the winter games, i really hope there are world cup themes/runes/skins. i would buy them all before they even went on sale.

im so pumped up about the world cup. i really hope theres some world cup content in lol. minions could just be soccer balls.

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Jack of Hearts already exists - Idea frowned upon by me personally due to the lack of well... anything D:... Skins?!

Anyway, Card Master had valentines.

Give it to someone more deserving like Jax