Champion Suggestion- Hayley Williams

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I don't take "creating champions" too seriously. I love to see other poeples creations instead. But this came to my mind. So I decided to Share it with you.

Okay so I'm a HUGE HUGE HUGE Paramore fan. If you don't know who they are, look them up. Especially if your into hard/alternative/acoustic rock.
I do beleive I am in love with the front-woman, Hayley Williams. So here she is

Hayley Williams the Small Explosion

Description: Hayley Williams has alot of energy. She moves and reacts fast. (A microphone as her weapon is soooo out of this game, so...) she wields a fire whip. (the idea in my head was that the mic was the handle bar(but not an actual mic) and the cord woould be the whip, because she uses cord mics) Her basic attacks are ranged, with her whip that shoots out a ray of fire every time she slings it.

Passive: Warped (Because she loves warped tour. fyi: its very hot in warped tour)
Everytime and ability is used, she unleashes her inner heat, dealing X damage to nearby enemies for 3 seconds and reducing their magic resist by X. Dmg increases as she lvls. I'd say 6 second cooldown?

Q: Sling
Hayley Slings her whip dealing X damage(+X) to nearby enemies in front of her. (kinda like Annie's ability)
7/6/5/4/3 second cooldown

W: Brand New Eyes(title of their 3rd album)
Hayleys brand new eyes alows her to see stealthed units, including bushes for 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 seconds. While active, Hayley gains X ability power.
40/36/32/28/24 second cooldown

E: Miracle (one of their songs)
Hayley gains attack speed and lifesteal for 3/5/7/9/11 seconds (didnt do the fancy stuff on this one, im horrible balancing these stats)
37 second cooldown

Ult: Paramore
Summons Jeremy, Josh, Zac, and Taylor to fight along with Hayley. They deal 12% of Hayleys Damage.


Let the Flames Begin (one of their songs)
A ring of fire summons around Hayley for 9 seconds dealing small amounts of damage each second. If any enemy touches the fire, they will be slowed and reduced magic resist. If Hayley leaves the circle, the damage each second greatly increases.

Wow... This is actually a good champ. I didn't even brainstorm it. I was just thinking while typing all this.

The skins would be alot of fun since she has soo many hair changes. These are two sides of her. The usual red, then the black. She also went blonde once.

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you best be trollin'

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Smells like incest.