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new champ hero: "joe" the stealth stab

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joe is a guy who stealths like teh jetser or kas. he has lo helth and other squish things.

ОK , my ideas:

passive: always stelth less in cobmat

+ Snake Under Bed: Q

Places snake near joe. Snake is in invisible mode till it do anything. Snakes starts to attack as soon as any enemy will approach it. Any attack breaks snake's invisibility. Snake have next abilities: 1) bite with paralytic poison for few secs on some 20 sec CD 2) bite with dot poison on regular attack. Snake uses ability 1) if available and ability 2) in other case. Snake is easy to kill.

+ Dog on Chain: E

You shoot target with harpoon linked to rope (chain). At the end of the rope is bolt you automatically shoot into ground. It makes enemy target to move only around bolt with maximum radius that is equal to rope length. Enemy target can free itself by destroying the bolt. Bolt has low HP. Effective to prevent target to reach your ally.


+ Hi, I Am Here: W
Stealth required
Places mirror of you in maximum distance of 15 yards from you. Mirror appears in invisible mode and starts to attack when enemy target approaches it. Has Stub ability (stub for 2-3 sec) that can be used only once , then imitates damaging target but only doing haf and takgni a lot of any real damage.

+ I Am Your Bro: R
Places fake gear and "skin" of killed enemy target on you making you look like you are one of "them" for 10 secs . Other NPC and players react on you in the same way as they could react on killed target.

hard thing is not dead. but u always stleth so its not a large kind of deal

edit: forgot how joe will look his hair is bald with a facemask like look like ninja guy, possibly 2 weaps or 1 sameray sord

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