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[Suggestion] Display Minion Kills and Buildings Destroyed for the HUD

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Nhan Fiction

Senior Member


Has anyone ever wondered why there is no minion kill count or buildings destroyed thing in the top-right corner of the HUD? Why is this the case? It seems so clunky to hit TAB, find yourself on this list and then check how many minion kills and buildings destroyed you have so far.

Is there like a reason for this? There is obviously plenty of space to fit a minion kill counter and buildings destroyed thing in the top-right corner, but it remains absent. It is an unnecessary inconvenience at best to require players to open up a separate screen to check their minion totals.

I remember back in DotA where players had to keep putting in -DI to make the creep counter display, and then eventually the game got a built-in one. If IceFrog could program in a simple system for Warcraft III's interface, why can't LoL do the same?

It was a common practice for players to keep track of their farm pace by eying the creep counter in the top-right corner as they played. You didn't need to open up a separate screen to see how many creeps you have killed or denied.

In LoL, you often have to pause for a brief moment to open up the screen to check your progress. Again, it is a very minor inconvenience, but it just makes one wonder why this minor issue is even in the game.

Here is a picture (http://img852.imageshack.us/i/hudcounter.png/) to show what I mean. Apologies for my bad Paint skills.