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Why All The Hatred for Kat?

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Your spouting BS, what gave it away was not realizing why adding that tidbit at the end was foolish.. You never saw the opposite team queue dodge their kat? Yeah I haven't seen an opposite team queue dodge anyone specifically before either. Weird.


Never occurred to you that I might get into a game and see Kat on the other team? Guess that means she wasn't dodged . . .

@Manturion and MiCrOwAvEz - Ok. I just assumed that lvl 24 is relatively upper-end mid ELO. Sorry. :\

Honestly, I've realized one thing about Kat. You have to lane with someone that has a slow/stun and you have to stay alive for the first parts of the game. If you do, you'll do great the rest of the game, but if not. Well then . . . tough luck for you.