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What Should be Done to Corki's Valk Skill?

Increase His Valk Range to get past walls effectively like flash. 3 42.86%
Adding a extra -magic rez/second. 0 0%
Both Option 1 and 2. 3 42.86%
None of The above. 1 14.29%
Other things should be done to Corki's Valk Skill. 0 0%
Voters 7 .

[Suggestion] Corki Change/Buff...by Hmmer

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Hello America

First off don't pay attention to my extremely bad writing skills, i'm from europe, english is not my first language .

I am here today to talk to you about corki.

As you may or may not know corki was released a broken AP character, with terribly high AP scaling, and the power to kill 5 heroes alone at lvl 6.
Ofc he was AP nerfed twice i believe, they then carried on to nerf many aspects of this hero.
Cooldowns, damage, scaling, rocket aoe...

Now to the point: Valkirie

It was nerfed 4/5 times ( can't remember ).

Noticeably and most recently the range, which was rediculous to start with (1200range)
But this nerf did something very un-expected and perhaps un-wanted, it made the skill virtually useless for damage making and un-able to cross many walls properly.
Small walls are crossed easily, but some terrain's that a flash can go threw, valk can not!(or not all the time, which leads me to believe it is bugged)
So my suggestion for this skill is:

1.Increase the range very slightly so it works like a flash to get over walls and others.

2.Add a extra effect. It is so worthless in teamfights no corki would risky valk into the enemy team for the aoe damage, becose its so pathetic, and u basicly end up right in the enemy's "fangs", so perhaps add a -magic rez/second effect (much like his third spell but for magic, since corki is hybrid it makes sence). It would make it useful in team fights and worth the risk, also making the skill much better, becose after all those nerfs its really not appealing...

I'm adding a poll, tell me what u think.

A big gl and hf american, from europe.


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Senior Member


not needed. corki is good, if not godly

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Senior Member


I'd prefer Corki didn't get touched. He's in a good spot right now. Valkyrie is a terrible offensive option, but makes following him a VERY bad idea. Also, getting solo-ambushed by a melee character is fun, as you can turn the fight around REAL fast by doing a flyover, flashbombing, and gatling him to death.

I play DPS corki, and I've had very little issue with any of his skills. I've actualyl gotten quite good at not dying with Valkyrie. It's quite easy if you know to stay cool under fire and don't let your low hitpoint and armor worry you too much.

I don't think anyone should ever complain about a cast-anywhere flash. Especially one that deters chasing after it's been used.