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Character stats screen

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Attack speed: This stat is somewhat confusing as the number get higher as you attack speed get faster, its more logical if your attack speed would go down by 40% when you get an item with 40% attack speed,

lets say you choose Ashe and her attack speed starts with 1 (1 arrow / 1second) then you buy an item with 40% attack speed and her attack speed would go down to 0.6 (1 arrow / 0.6 second)

Dodge all i feel that is missing here is the % mark after how much dodge you have so instead of just saying 11 it says 11% as thats how the item info displays the dodge

Abiltiy power / spell damage
Would be somewhat easier if it went by one name. calling it Abiltiy power over the players health bar hud & Items and calling it spell damage in stats & in the shop. This may end up somewhat confusing to new players

Sorry if my english is bad

This next part has really nothing to do with the topic but didnt want to make a new thread for it

Stackable buffs / debuffs: Show the nummer of stack the buff is at this so you dont have to hoover with your cursor over the buff in order to know what stack it's at, this would be useful for ex. Annie's "Stunn stack"

And i also made a little UI but beware its done in paint!!


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The reverse logic is easier for me to picture. Rather than 1 arrow/1 second making your attack speed 1 arrow/0.6 second.. I like to keep time as a controlled variable here. It is easier to think of it as 1.4 arrows/1 second and so on.

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Attack speed value can be either way, it depends how you look at it.

You can view 1.6 speed as either

A) 1.6 attacks per second
B) One attack every 1.6 seconds.

A being obviously faster than B. I agree it does need some more clarification in game though whether its displaying auto attack cooldown time or how many hits per second.