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My HUD Feedback

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I apologize if these things have been mentioned before, but searching a forum for previously entered bugs and feedback is far more tedious than searching an actual bug database. I am not a great LoL player (or dota player for that matter) but I have experience playing dota dating back to when it first came out and I have two years industry testing experience for big name producers. Here is what I have for feedback so far:

1) The character portrait in the bottom left has very annoying functionality. I do not like the fact that clicking the portrait brings up hero info in the middle of the screen. Hero info should be accessed via a different menu button or not at all. It is very easy to accidentally click the portrait in the heat of battle and end up with your view blocked. I was playing as the healer/support hero with the gigantic moon staff and this would happen often when I attempted to cast the heal over time and the restore mana spells on myself in rapid succession. I would target one spell at myself using the portrait and then attempt to cast the second too quickly and toggle the hero data interface.

2) The "target" interface in the upper left could use a different background color depending on whether you have a friend or foe targeted.

3) An optional (or maybe collapseable) allied champion display (similar to group member UI components in an MMO) would be a godsend for support heroes.

4) Increase transparency of allied stealthed units slightly.

5) Provide some way of centering the camera on your champion and allied champions. This could be done by clicking your character portrait, and if 3 is implemented, clicking your allied champion's portrait.

That is all for now! Great game, if I were to list the things I like, the list would be much longer!