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Items : Simbology Interface instead of plain text !

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Hallo there.

As i notice in many games, attributes are usually realted to symbols to make theyr easyer to spot. Its not common i read an item and just 'discover' a new thing that item does, cause some items are just written too much with no easy interface.

Why dont make an item with simbology icons instead of plain text ? Instead of sayng:

10 attack damage
just a simple small drawing of a sword, and the number 10 next to it would make it clearer, in any language in the planet.

Heres some symbols ive made to show up this, this is only a few, im not good on editing images so its not good, just a mockup to show how it could be.

Icons (http://img852.imageshack.us/i/iconsg.jpg/)
PS: This icons are toooo big, i was thinkin something very small.

Some things should stay as text, for example: Every 4 attacks you deal 100 bonus magic damage. That could be a text, but changing for something like "every 4 <sword icon>, you deal 100 <staff icon>". Would make it way easyer to new players understand game mechanics early on and get 'addicted' to the game quicker.

Would make easy to learn items =] and more important then that for a international game: Would be easyer to learn items at any language. Everybody understand symbols.

Anyway, just a small tip, that would make the game lotsa easyer for people to memoryze items.

ty for thee attention

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ooh i like that
would looks like those classic games and also would make way easyer to understand the game.

nintendo usually loves this kind of thing. its worthy

hate those items

45 attack damage 50 armor 35 magic resiost 25% cooldown active: make you poo passive: clean nearby poos de-actroactive: seek for poos every 5 physisical attacks you read this again