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Kassadin, The Golden Death Machine

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Introduction: Hello everyone at League of Legends! I will be describing my simple build for Kassadin. It's a very simple but incredibly expensive build.

Firstly, the items (it's what i use and I find it works wonders)

Starting: 1 Health Pot and a Amplifying Tome

Why?: The health pot's for survavibility and the tome is for Null Sphere harassment. Pew pew pwnage.

Next: -Mejai's Soulstealer (800g)

- Boots of Mobility (1000g)

Why: Mejai's is pwnage early on. The AP is nice, the effect is a deciding factor even late into the game. The boots are essential as Kassadin moves like a snail until you get them. Allows for quicker and more efficient ganking and chasing along with escaping mixed with Riftwalk.

Afterwards: - Sheen - Lichbane (Not Cheap)

Why?: It's your tower and hero killer. Riftwalk near the guy or tower and use the charge. It stings quite a bit. The health, mana and AP are nice as well.

Afterwards: -Zhonya's Ring (~4000g)

Why?: 100 AP and 25% more AP? You have no reason why to not get this. With a full Mejai's at this point, you should have approx. 450 AP. You hurt.

Final Item: -Depends

It depends at this point, if you're getting hammered, get a Banshee's Veil or Rod of Ages. If you're killing people easily, get a Deathfire Grasp or Void Staff.

Condensed Items:

-Starting: Amplifying Tome + Health Pots

-Mejai's Soulstealer
-Boots of Mobility
-Sheen --> Lichbane
-Zhonya's Ring

Total Gold: Approx. 10,000g
Total AP: 450-500 AP
DPS: Around 667-1000 if you're smart.
Squishy Factor: Medium
Difficulty Playing: Average
Difficulty Mastering: Very Hard

Harass early game, use brush a lot. Force Pulse creeps to scare people away and Null Sphere any casters. Riftwalk when you need to get away and when you want to kill someone. Stuns are your enemy. DO NOT 1v1 CHOGATH UNLESS TRULY FED. HE IS YOUR COUNTER. VEIGAR IS WEAKSAUCE COMPARED TO HIM.

Beginning Skills 1-6:

1- Null Sphere
2- Force Pulse
3- Nether Blade
4- Null Sphere
5- Force Pulse
6- Riftwalk

Priority Levels afterward (1 is get it first, 4 is get it last):

Null Sphere (3)
Nether Blade (4)
Force Pulse (2)
Riftwalk (1)


Get the Magic subbranch of Offense and then go all out with Utility. Bonus XP and Gold is nice along with the extended buffs and quicker summoner spells.

Health, Lower Cooldowns and Mana mostly, add some AP if you choose

Health because he's squishy, lower cooldowns to make you even more deadly. Mana for keeping your Riftwalk handy and AP for an extra boost in damage.

I know it's a weird build but it's how I play him. Any comments are more than welcome.



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Master Recruiter


You should add Mastery and runes.

Also I would avoid netherblade until your other skills are maxed.

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You sir, are incorrect

There's only 1 true golden death machine atm :P


(Golden Alistar too, but he's not really a death machine >_&gt