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Language friendly pings

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Hope the title doesn't sound stupid, but stupid enough for people to check out this thread.

What I mean to suggest, is to allow a list of basic commands in multiple languages based on the player's preferred language choice.

ie. I can ping a spot, and select a pre-made chat command out of a selection such as "defend here", "enemy here", "scout here", etc etc.

But it will show up in the preferred language of other players on your team.

Just thought it'd be a nice idea after playing a few games with some asian and spanish speaking players.

Not only that, thought it'd also be good to give more commands to pings. Right now, you understand pings based on experience or rather the obvious reason for pings, but some times a bit of clarity would be nice. Maybe even colour code pings, like RED for offensive, BLUE for defensive, GREEN for questionable or something.