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[Guide] V for Vendetta - AP Shaco

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I'm gonna skip all that general skill non-sense that you could read from someone else's guide.

You are AP Shaco, you don't waste deceive to initiate, can still control the jungle with jitbs, gank extremely early, gain a huge advantage, and win it before late game.

Things to know:
Deceive can act as a flash, along with his ult.
Control clone with alt, towers will kill it, it gains aggro similar to a creep.
You can shiv/jitb/clone while stealthed, as well as ignite and flash. (And any other summoner skill)

Masteries: 9/0/21
Generally you want to have your summoner skills up as quickly as possible, as they are generally guaranteed kills.

Summoner Skills:
Ignite- 75 Damage at lv 1, to 500 at lv 18, scales to YOUR level, perfect when you get that great advantage and you're a good 5 levels ahead.
Flash- Flash breaks projectiles, is instant, goes over walls. It is your life, you breathe it, you live with it. And you sure do die without it.
Despite having deceive, with the deceive nerf awhile ago, you won't always have it up within 3 seconds of your stealth wearing off, so it's even better now!

9 Marks of magic pen
9 Seals of mana regen
9 Glyphs of AP/lv 18
3 Quintessences of Flat AP

Skill Order:
Shiv/Deceive (depending on if they have an enemy shaco that may gank, or if you're keeping them harassed fairly well)
Shiv/Deceive (whichever you didn't take last)

Deceive has the least priority as you won't be utilizing the extra crit damage in any way
Shiv gains 40 damage per level, 50 if you back attack. Equal to 40 AP
JitB scales very well with levels, usually faster than your AP will raise.
Clone gains a good 150 damage per level, Equal to 150 AP.

Item Build:
Amp tome + HP pot
Mejai's Soulstealer
Merc treads/Magic pen, depending on a heavily CC or AP built team or not
Deathfire Grasp
It should be over before deathfire, but if it isn't you'll want to grab...
Banshee's Veil, Guardian Angel, or Zhonya Ring.

Elixirs of Brilliance whenever possible.

Starting off:
Start off amp tome + hp pot. Run off to golem, place 5 jacks where the golem spawns, run off to your lane. I solo mid, as AP Shaco scales extremely well, and last hitting is easily done solo with jacks + shivs to ward off your enemy champion. Shiv harass as much as possible, if you can time it right when they turn around you get a 25% increase in damage. If they get within kill range, deceive, shiv, ignite. First blood. You shouldn't be outharassed with shiv, and dodging skills with deceive always helps. If you've farmed up to 825 gold, you can buy your sheen. 1175 buys sheen + boots. Any extra money goes to an amp tome, and if you have 300 left over, get an elixir of brilliance. You usually want to leave by at least lv 6, if not higher.

Wait for a nice time where they wouldn't be looking at the brush where you're hiding. Deceive behind, drop a jitb. Attack, shiv, attack. They should be dead by around then, if not JitB and ignite should finish them off. Keep ganking or help destroy towers, if you have enough money to finish your soulstealer, either 800 with an amp tome or 1235 without one, go bluepill and buy it.

If you want to initiate a gank on a tower, send a clone in to tank the tower, wait for it to almost explode, shiv right when it dies, possibly ignite, dead. No need to take tower hits.

If you've ganked up enough for finishing the lichbane, buy it, if not, get the blasting wand and try to upgrade boots. If they want to play the defensive game, place some jitbs in the jungle, then swap lanes, forcing them to either go through the jungle to gank or defend the lane, or take the long way through base. They should be scattered, allowing for simple kills, plus a dead tower. (Unless it's an inhibitor tower)

If you're spending time setting up jitb nests, it'd be between lanes while you lane swap in order to bait them without the obvious champion revealing themselves.

To backdoor, Deceive in, attack, clone, jitb, shiv a creep to proc lichbane. It should go down relatively easily.

To kill while remaining invisible, deceive, deathfire, shiv, ignite. Fun!

Now you know my AP Shaco, yay!