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Runes for Tank

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Junior Member


Well, i usually play as Singed (yes, he is a tank XD) and i am a bit tired of my rune configuration. Right now i play with:

Red and Blue: Magic Resist that gives me 22 mr.

Yellow: Dodge that gives me 7% chance.

Quintaessences: Speed, that gives 4,5% extra movement (the only ones that don't want touch).

I'm looking for make a diferent rune build, but i don't know what... some tips should help.

I have in mind make one of health regen, but i think runes without quintaessence gives a slow bonus... and the same for health runes. Any suggestion?

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Senior Member


I think everything is fine except your quints. I go with the plus health ones, with all three you get around 100 more health which is big early game.