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[Champion Suggestion] Mort, the Hungry Shadow

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Mort is a shadow incarnate, he is weak (slow natural speed) out in the open, but no one can protect you from an attack by your own shadow. He will spend most of the game hiding in his allie's or enemie's shadows with haunt which lets him stick to one target like glue and attack while remaining stealthed to the rest of the enemy team. He is difficult to run away from but he has no CC except for his "offensive blink" Shadowstep. His play style is very unique and will make people think when fighting against him. He will be OP if his opponents don't understand him, but is counterable by good play. He is slow so he depends on his abilitys to escape.

Mort, the Hungry Shadow
Mort appears to be a 2D silhouette that shifts from monster to just blob with toothy mouth.

Stats: (out of 5 stars)

Health: *
Attack: ****
Spells: ***
Difficulty: ****

Complementary/detailed stats:

Movement Speed: *
Attack Type: Melee
Attack Damage: ***
Attack Speed: *****
Mana Pool: **
HP: *
Armor: *
Magic Resistance: **
HP Regen: **
Mana Regen: **

Recommended Items: Berzerker's Greaves, Malady, Wit's End, Infinity Edge, Black Cleaver, Bloodrazor

Dance: He becomes a 2D silhouette of a couple swing dancing.
Joke: "Darkness travels faster then the speed of light."
Taunt: "You're never alone."

Passive: Shadow Touch

Description: Mort's attacks naturally penetrate 40% of the target's armor.

Thoughts: This is the one part that I need ideas for, I want something interesting, but life steal has been done before. I am very willing to totally change the passive.

Q: Haunt

Description: Mort teleports next to the target and stays there until haunt is used again. He is immune to slows and snares. Stun will not detach him but will otherwise work. He is stealthed to all enemies except his target. This can be used on an ally. While haunting you can cast Haunt again on a new target or on open ground in range.

** (about shaco's decive range)
Cooldown: 1 Second
Mana Cost: 80/70/60/50/40

Thoughts: This is the skill that makes Mort special, he hides in the shadows of his friends and enemies. It's also a limited blink, with no cooldown, but it's range is much shorter then shumpo or leapstrike. Most times you will have to chain Haunt to reach your target quickly. Also note that while haunting you need to cast it again to detach so if you're out of mana you're stuck.

W: Shadow Step

Description: Mort (and his current target of haunt if any) jaunt through the shadow realm and teleport to the target location, the horrific trip deals damage to an enemy taken through.

*** (about shumpo range)
Cooldown: 30/28/26/24/22 Seconds
Mana Cost: 90
Damage: 80/120/160/200/240

Thoughts: This can be used with haunt to initiate by grabbing an opponent and teleporting back to your friends, similar to Tristina, Blitz or Alister. Mort has no CC so this is his only way to control the enemy. This can also be used on an ally or even alone as a blink. (I'd like the range to increase with level but I've never seen another skill do that so I'm guessing it's not possible right now)

E: Shadow Eater

Description: Mort feeds off the energy of his enemies. Passively gain 5/10/15/20/25% lifesteal and 10/20/30/40/50% attack speed When haunting a minion activate to consume it dealing 500/600/700/800/900 damage and gaining 50/75/100/125/150 mana. Passive is lost while on cooldown.

35 seconds
Thoughts: Mort already has a lot of tricks with just his first two abilities and he needs something to make him good in melee despite being squishy. Added a way to get mana and minion kills to help with the fact that he's very weak in early laning.

R: World of Darkness

Description: The shadows of Mort's enemy's come alive and try to eat them. A copy of Mort haunts and auto attacks every enemy in range. They deal 60/70/80% of morts damage and take 140/130/120% damage from attacks. Any copy that is in a true sight aura is weakened and deals half damage. If Mort haunts a target that has a copy the copy is destroyed.

**** (about Ashe's Volley range)
Cooldown: 90 Seconds
Mana Cost: 150/200/250
Duration: 15 seconds

Thoughts: Powerful against an unprepared enemy, but weak if they are huddled around "the light". A wise Mort will wait until the oracle carrier is dead before popping his ult. And with haunt he can jump to and destroy any wards placed mid fight very quickly. Also can be a bold initiation move as they don't know which one is real.


Mort Strategies: Early game focus on Shadow eater, gaining only one point in other skill to use for possible ganks or saving yourself (or ally). Or Rank up Shadow Step to harass your enemy by teleporting him to a vulnerable position. Mort needs a team mate to help him gank but is great at it with help. Once team battles start focus fire down any oracle holders then ult. Ult can also be used to nail runners dooming them if they flee back to base alone. Be aware that towers weaken your ult considerably.

Anti Mort Strategy:
As an assassin Mort can be countered by roaming in groups. His ability's let him move quickly but consume a lot of mana. He is easy to harass early and if he has just eaten a minion with shadow eater he is weak in melee for 35 seconds. His ult is significantly weakened by oracle or wards, try to set up a ward before the fight starts so Mort doesn't know it's there. If he is haunting you then run to your allies or through traps like bushwack or teemo's mushrooms.

Comments welcome. This is my first new hero suggestion, but I put a lot of thought into it.

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So, anyone want to tell me what's wrong with me post? Bad idea? Boring presentation? What'd I do wrong?