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[Guide] Nunu: Ice Penetration

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Table of Contents

1. Intro
2. Runes, Masteries and Summoner Spells
3. Ability Order/Items
4. Early-Mid-End Game

1. I am a mid elo player. I have had an amazing record with this build, rarely ever falling under 10 kills in a game. It isn't as effective against pros and premades with lots of CC. I'm just saying what works for me. Feedback is welcome as I want to perfect this build.

Ice Blast is your new best friend starting today.

The central idea around this build is magic pen. Nunu does amazing with ice blast while under the influence of Archaic Knowledge and a Void Staff. I usually 2 hit squishies, dealing massive amounts of damage.

2. Runes: Magic Pen for your Marks is a must. For Seals I like dodge, but feel free to choose health or whatever you want. For my Quints and Glyphs I prefer cooldown reduction, as a quicker Ice Blast means more kills. Go for scaled, as levels come quickly.

Masteries: Offense - 9
3/3 Archmage's Savvy
1/3 Deadliness
4/4 Sorcery
1/1 Archaic Knowledge

Support - 0

Utility - 21
3/3 Perseverence
1/1 Spatial Accuracy
4/4 Awareness
1/4 Expanded Mind
1/1 Greed
3/3 Meditation
3/3 Quickness
1/1 Blink of an Eye
3/3 Intelligence
1/1 Presence of the Master

Summoner Spells: Flash and Teleport are my favorites. Teleport for convenience and map control, and flash for quick escapes and good for getting in position for your ult. Some people think teleport is a waste, but i disagree. I loved it low level, and I still love it.

3. Ability Order

1. Ice Blast
2. Consume
3. Ice Blast
4. Consume
5. Ice Blast
6. Absolute Zero
7. Ice Blast
8. Consume
9. Ice Blast
10. Consume
11. Absolute Zero
12. Consume
13. Blood Boil
14. Blood Boil
15. Blood Boil
16. Absolute Zero
17. Blood Boil
18. Blood Boil

*Some people think that blood boil has uses in early-mid game, but I feel that it truly excels endgame. I think consume is a better skill to level up, but if you absolutely need some BB, then put a point in it where you would put a point in consume.

Doran's Ring & Health Pot
Mejai's Soulstealer
Sorcerer Boots
Void Staff
Zhonya's Ring
Banshee's Veil (Prob won't get this far)

4. Early Game
Try to lane with someone who has a stun or slow. Just remember that you aren't invincible. Keep your distance while you farm. Don't spam Ice Blast, as it is mana heavy. Instead, take advantage of Nunu's passive, spending your free spell to either heal or harass the enemy. Just slap their hand when they get overly aggressive. Try not to blue pill until you hit level 6. Prepare before you hit level 6, getting your lane mate to engage right when you level up, flash in, and ult. Hit them by surprise. Remember that the Nunu's circle with his ult can't be seen when you are in the brush. I can usually get a double kill early game, if everything goes well. After your double kill (or attempt) go get soulstealers. lane until level 8 or such. Get boots.

Mid Game
Ganking is your middle name. Always flash to start. By now, you will be doing considerable damage with your ice blast. Rack up some kills for soulstealers, aim for squishies, and strike fear into the hearts of the enemy. When you get a void staff, then the fun really starts. For its cost, the void staff is a incredible item. No Sivir or Annie will confront you when you hit them for half their health with an ability on a 4-5 second cooldown. Get golem buff as much as you can, as this build runs out of mana constantly at this stage. The cooldown reduction is also a nice bonus. Try to wait for the enemies to use their silences/stuns before using your ult. If you get stopped mid-ult, it's a death sentence.

End game
Hopefully you have been ganking and avoiding death as best you can. Never start teamfights with absolute zero, instead wait for someone from your team to absorb all their disables, then flash in and ult. I've gotten 2 quadra kills in 1 match with this technique. Once you get Lichbane, your regular attack will be formidable after a Blood Boil or Ice Blast. Golem buff is still awesome to get, so pick that up as much as you can. Endgame, your ult can hit for over 2k, so if you do pull it off it almost guarantees a kill. Constantly keep Blood Boil on, and chase after those runners!

Thats my Nunu Guide! Feel free to comment and provide feedback.

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The main thing i don't agree with is getting Consume over Blood boil. Not only is BB useful for your lanemate it is also incredibly useful for Nunu to gank with.
Reasons to get BB
1. Helps take down towers.
2. Helps lanemate (with towers and ganks).
3. Helps proc your passive more often.
4. Helps a whole lot when ganking, especially if flash is not ready*
5. Get back to lane faster**

*If you have BB on you will most likely be faster then pretty much anyone else, so you can run into Ice Blast range, Ice Blast them, then run up slightly ahead of them and start your ult (assuming they don't have flash or a stun).

**If you have BB and are back at your base, cast it on yourself. You will instantly get your mana back and it will help you to get to your lane faster.

Reasons to get Consume (after the first level)
1. Lower CD on consume.
2. Slightly increases health recieved.
3. Increases damage which helps a bit on nuetrals (but not as much as BB would).

Personally I level up as follows.
1. Ice Blast
2. Consume
3. Ice Blast
4. Blood Boil
5. Ice Blast
6. Absolute Zero
7. Ice Blast
8. Consume
9. Ice Blast (maxed)
10. Blood Boil
11. Absolute Zero
12. Blood Boil
13. Blood Boil
14. Blood Boil
15. Consume
16. Absolute Zero
17. Consume
18. Consume

Getting the second consume helps with its long cooldown, but after that I think it is more useful to get Blood Boil. Really its just a matter of preference at this point but I would very strongly recommend getting at least 1 in BB before 6.