Reducing amount of particles

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Tyrald Grimnod

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Do you remember one of polls that Riot started? It was about expectations from graphics overhaul and so on. Top one fault pointed out by people there was that LoL overloads people with particles of skills making things unclear.
This got me thinking about one thing: shields. Do we really need to show bubbles around champions when we have gray/purple bricks on hp bar? I mean, there are lots of effects that are shown in redundant way, like those from Hexdrinker, Karma, Lee Sin and so on.
Bubbles showing different mechanics, like granting armor and magic resistance (Galio, Garen) are pretty much ok, although it could be reduced to something like Pantheon's shield.
However, not all of effects can be shown with just hp bar bricks - see Janna's shield, which grants bonus AD to target. Some autoattack animation changes would be useful there.
What are your thoughts about it?