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an other Yi guide basic

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First if you want to play this Yi you'll need some kills or at least assists and not dying ...
maybe i've played against noobs but i got over 280 kills for something like 100 deaths

basics way to play (noobs READ THIS):
First Rule ---> DO NOT DIE !
DO NOT RUSH TOWERS until you have creeps to absorb the damage
watch your minimap so you dont get fed people against you !
during mid-late game don't forget you're 5 by teams--> GANK !

how to play this particularly aggressive build:
(avoid stuns)Get early kills, harras, harras, harras more !! then you can hide in the bushes and pop out with an alpha strike then wuju style and highlander: it's the basic form of attack with Yi(Q,E,R) if they're not that close to any tower or they're noobs, and think they can beat you on close 1v1... (don't forget you're not god, you can die)

Don't be shy to go on the other lanes when you see ennemies that are low on health assists are good enough and maybe you'll get a kill

thats one REALLY basic guide and here is how it goes :

Skills in the order you must take
max R-->Higlander
max Q-->Alpha strike (if you dont want to get close to your ennemy but hit him aim at a creep close to him/them so you hit him/them anyway and come back to the creep instead of the champion)
max E-->Wuju Style
max W-->Meditate
For the first skill i usually take alpha strike but if you think you may get a chance for an early First blood take wuju style.

here is what I usually take
berserker's greaves (you may want to take mercury's thread if there is 3-4 stunner)
BF sword
vampiric scepter
malady (you may want to get frozen mallet first if you run out of life quickly)
cloak of agility
infinite edge
giant's belt
frozen mallet (normally if you get here you will pwn a lot of people and the end will be close)
phantom dancer
and just to annoy more your ennemies get a guardian angel.

so your final stock would be
Berserker's Greaves
Malady (may be switched with frozen mallet)
Infinite Edge
Frozen Mallet
Phantom dancer
Guardian Angel


what do you think about it ? tell me what's wrong with my build..

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what's with all the daggers? Yi's reall weakness is that he is completely one-dimensional with no stun, all it takes is for an exhaust to make Yi completely useless, although once you get to level 18 he is extremely efficient at taking down towers and finishing off retreating players.

My build is usually

infinity edge
phantom dancer

Which is quite similar to yours.

Although against competent opponents you'll usually have to substitute a banshees veil or other defensive item after IE. Most games wont go on long enough to complete your entire build though and GA is pretty useless on Yi because once he's revived he'll just die again from a stun and 1 or 2 hits.

Also rather than malady you'd be better off with last whisper for the armour pen.

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Pro Tip: Don't play Yi.

Seriously, you see so few Yi players at even mid ELO anymore. He's a two button player for level 1-12s who are playing other 1-12s that don't know how he works enough to stun/exhaust him.