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[Guide] Soraka a guide for new players and an indepth look for advanced player

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First off i will address why i am writing this guide. I have been playing Soraka since the 2nd week she was out. Last week she was on the free character rotation and i saw some builds and play styles that made me cringe. Soraka is and under played character because she typically wont get many kills, so people tend to avoid her. The problem with this is no new skins and riot will probably ether remove her or redesign her. So here is a guide to start people out so they don't hate her. Please remember while guides are helpful but personal play style will sometimes be better.

Table Of Contents

1. What to expect

2. items

3. Build
A. Runes
B. Mastery's
C. Abilities

4. Early Game
A. Picking your partner
B. Partners to avoid
C. Champs you can destroy in the early game
D. Your Offensive role
E. Making the enemy commit

5. Mid-Game
A. Effective use of wish
B. Infuse as offense VS Infuse as support
C. Champions you must counter

6. Late Game
A. Team healing (prioritizing)
B. Your offensive role

7. Karthas

What to expect

Soraka is a caster generally with low health. She can be a dps but shines as a healer. She is able to sustain pushes and turn the tide of a team battle. She makes going back to base a thing of the past and can support dangerous turret dives early game. She is the silent carry of your team . This being said you wont get many kills but you get a lot of assists and minimal deaths.


First Faerie Charm take this over meki pendant and it will help you stay in the lane and its the item you need to get tear of a goddess. Next a Blasting ward to create arch angels staff. Next get a mana sapphire this will give you mana and ap next get another faerie charm or 2 or buy a full mana manipulator. From there a health ruby or a full catalyst the protector. Then innervating locket. Then boots of speed To build up mercury treads. Then start building a frozen heart when you have almost every thing for it the game will end if not start building zhonyas ring for huge amounts of ap, if he game dose not end still get anything you think you need cdr or ap.


Part A: Runes

For quintessences get 1 cd reduction and 2 ap For marks some cd reduction and ap about half and half. For Glyphs Ap static and mana regen (about 3). For seals Ap per lv and static ap. This will give you good ap at lv 1 and at lv 18 as well as the cd reduction needed at the early levels.

Part B: Mastery's

3/3 in to arch mage's savvy and 1/3 deadlines for more ap and crit makes it easier to farm earlier plus we need to get to the next line. 4/4 in sorcery.

This ends the offense tree, the rest is in utility.

3/3 into perseverance tis helps stay in your lane and support an earlier aggressive play. 1/3 into good hands this is really the only way to get to the next line. 4/4 into expanded mind. This gives a larger pool to heal from and more ap from arch angel's staff. 4/4 awareness this will keep you on par with your leveling. 1/1 insight this is to help your lane mate with mana and later your team. 3/3 meditation because you need all the mana regen you can get early game. 3/3 quickness because soraka is not very fast and this way you can postpone getting boots if you do not need them. 3/3 into intelligence for a good amount of cd reduction.

Part C: Abilities

1. Infuse2. Astral Blessing3. Infuse
4. Astral Blessing
5. Infuse
6. Astral Blessing
7. Wish
8. Infuse
9. Astral Blessing
10. Infuse
11. Wish
12. Astral Blessing
13-15. Star call
16. wish
17+18. Star call

Early Game

Part A: picking your partner

The amazing thing about Soraka is she can dominate any lane with almost anyone. But i would try to avoid stealth characters. With their ability to move around undetected they are better off with someone who can output more damage also they take bigger hit then some others. This being said she generally excels at tanks and mages.Some key ones to look out for are blitzcrank, rammus, ryze and especially nunu.

Part B: Partners to avoid

Generally stealth as mentioned above but a few more. Veigar he is to many heavy you will lose so much offense and even force yourself to run out of mana constantly. Another is fiddlesticks, he needs some intense healing to keep him up as he is very squishy early. And finally Taric this is really obvious as he already has the means to be a healer himself.

Part C: Champions you can destroy

Ryze is a powerful champion in the later game but because of Soraka's silence she can lead him into many unfortunate situations. This is easy when Ryze starts to get to close use infuse. This will mean one of 2 things he will ether move back and will not stun and nuke you or your partner or thinking he can over come it run into his death.

Nunu is good to lane with or against. Often times he will run in (especially after lv 6) and attempt a kill but with infuse will be shut down. This is a little harder to spot and differs from person to person but one thing remains constant when you see his ultimate going silence right away.

Warwick loses his ability to use scent of blood in a lane with an effective Soraka. This is a big bonus to your lane and no longer have to worry about it. When War wick is in your lane ignore other healing rules and keep you and your lane mate above 50.

Trynadamer can escape easily but with out his key escape move you can keep him close enough long enough to leave him at low health where a turret dive may be profitable or even get away with a kill.

Cho'Gath's strength lies in allowing him to feed and be an excellent harasser you effectively neutralize this. Your partner usually will not be low enough for him to feed and as already covered harassing is almost useless.

Part D: Your Offensive Role

Infuse is your offense. Use it on your self and allies when needed but its how you get kills early game. It hits hard and is excellent for harassing. Whether your simply in an skirmish, harassing, or even making a turret dive this ability will make a huge impact on your game later. To harass with it you do not even have to leave a safety zone to hit them. If a champ runs close to you hes probably going to attack especially if his stealth friend is missing hit him with infuse and that will give you a bit of time to run back. Because the damage is so high an enemy with a little under a quarter health may be worth turret diving if you have a heal ready for your self.

Part E: Making The Enemy Commit

This part if done right is hugely beneficial, if done wrong however is catastrophic. To keep the enemy attacking you must make them think they can win. Let your partner or you go down but then pop a heal at the right time and it will be to late for them to run. Be vary careful with this and make sure if you have a nuke in your lane you pay attention what abilities they have used already to avoid a huge hit that could kill. I advise doing this when your more comfortable with Soraka and know your capabilities.

Mid Game

Part A: Effective use of wish

Weather your still laneing at this point or the team game has started you want to start thinking about wish. This is easy in an arranged team just have them call it out. But as solo or a small team map awareness is key here. Use it to win a team fight, save you or a partner, and use it to survive certain champions ultimate. The big thing is do not waste it and do not trust the health bars on the side (they are never right). But it most effectively used when trying to take down a turret and some enemies show up. This is all judgement if a champ can make it to safety use it, if all your team is at half and so is theirs use it to win the fight. Effective use of wish is they key to good healing

Part B: Infuse as offense vs Infuse as support

This is situational, does your rammus need mana to roll and kill a runner. Or does ryze need to be shut down long enough to bring him down. Talk with your team see what they are planning. But make sure to toss them mana to every now and again and use clarity when they need it because at this point you wont be running out of mana.

Part C: Champions you must counter

This excludes Karthas

Nunu: When you have a nunu you do not use infuse in a fight until he uses his ultimate. This will do huge damage but will completely shut him down if you silence him. This will save many lives a lot. Even thought this may be contrary to what you think run towards him not away then he is harmless for a while.

Ryze: This is for if he becomes a big problem silence him to your team can unload with out fear of getting nuked down in 3 seconds.

Gangplank/pantheon: If they have a gangplank and your in a team fight chances are he will use his ultimate (this goes for pantheon as their ultimate's work similarly). Use wish to save a team mate or let it run its course a little you have probably just saved your team and won a team fight. For pantheon heal right away for gangplank heal half way through if no one is in danger of dieing.

Late Game

Part A: Team Healing (prioritizing)

Well an indication maybe the score if someone is 0/6/0 your better off not healing them. If that is not the case your priority is someone about to die. Next is your tank. Then its your disablers. Then heal your melee and last your ranged. Toss a heal to yourself when you need it cause you cant heal dead. If someone is fed keep them up above all else because they will be dealing the massive damage that will win team fights.

Part B: Your Offensive Role

Spam star call. It may not do much damage but its the debuff you want. Because of it your zilean, ryze, or veigar may one shot someone. Use infuse when required offensively or defensively. What this does to is applies your innervating locket buff which is pretty significant when combined with your other heals. Plus the debuff hits everyone close meaning they will all in take more magic damage. Congratulation you just put your team to victory many times saved people many times over and you will never get any recognition for it but you do it cause its fun.


Yes he gets his own section. Requiem will get many kills this is were map awareness is needed especially when he first hit lv 6. If hes using it early chances are someone will die use wish before it applies if all your team is good on health with no one in danger of dieing use it after. You know shut down Karthas ultimate but what about his other abilities? Defile is heal able thought so whether hes dead or alive this wont be a problem. Your passive will help with the debuff from wall of pain. You could argue that Soraka was put in just to counter karthas their abilities just line up so nicely. When hes on your team however a requiem wish combo can trick the other team into staying in a fight they wont win now. Also your infuse can sustain hes defile for longer.

That's the end hope you have fun with Soraka

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Junior Member


Great Guide! =/

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Junior Member


Hey I think I might give that a try!

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hmm seems the rest dident save i will fix this soon

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In theory, Soraka SHOULD be able to deal out massive AoE damage provided she doesnt get CC'd, but because when people see soraka, they say "OH EASY KILL" and use every stun/slow/silence in thier arsenal to take you, and only you down, you never have a chance to cast more than 2 starfalls.

Not that i play her agressively, I'm partial to support and do my best to fit that role.

Ohh, speaking of the arch angels staff, in the description, it is not mentioned if there is a limit on the mana increase, but it most defeinitly stops, any clue at what number?

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I honestly have no idea its not low enough that iv noticed it so it shouldn't be a problem until a very long game

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Starcall needs to be picked early or it will never be useful. Soraka is one of the best characters in the game at denying experience and starcall helps you meager damage output (at least early game). Use brush and keep dropping stars and auto attacking. You are amazing at denying experience and driving opponents to their turrets and keeping them there (again this is early game). In most instances you can play VERY aggressively with soraka and get away with it. Soraka's ability to dominate a lane early/ deny experience is the main reason I enjoy playing her.

I go:
Astral Blessing
from there Wish -> Infuse -> Astral Blessing -> Starcall

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Not necessarily, infuse does quiet a bit of damage early game, the cool down will sometimes be frustrating but will more often that not do the trick. As for star call mid-late game whats important if the magic resist debuff that will allow your team to do significantly more damage star call at max and a fiddle stick near by i saw annie 1 shot some one

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Good guide, but as far as runes go you should swap the mana regen into seals as that is the primary. You'll squeak out a little more mana regen and AP that way. Every little bit helps and there is no reason not to.

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I will have to try this build out. Normally I go for Locket first, then Boots of mobility (I find Soraka needs to be able to get from one place to the next as fast as possible), Nashors Tooth (for the CD mainly, with the AP being quite nice), then finally aegis of Legion or Soul shroud if someone else got aegis or Rylias Scepter if someone got both of those. By then the game is usually over.