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ZAM.com:: League of Legends: Growing Up All On Its Own

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"As well, while there are lots of incredibly fun moments to be had in League of Legends, much of the endgame degenerates into who can get their team to stay together to push. While teamwork is great for LoL, the constant mobbing does inhibit the games' strategic depth, as games with one or two uncooperative players simply become 30 minute wastes of time."

Very, very true. Good article, and I hate to quote the negativity, but it really is the only thing wrong with this game. Losing because of 1 or 2 people shouldn't be so annoying.

BTW I can't believe Riot has added so many champions since release. Hell I'd expect to only have 1 new champ at this point since launch.

It is true, but keep in mind that competitive season is coming up. This is a team game where organized teams will become more common and pugs less common.

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aion is beast..LoL is also beast likem both

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that review is well deserved by our riot guys they are doing hell of a good work and i commend them so keep up the good work

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It seems obvious that the community is growing, so they are definitely doing a lot right. The big updates can wait for all I care, I am immensely enjoying the game right now as it is.

Keep rocking Riot.