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Don't you hate it when...

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You play a ranked game and you see this:
Ezreal Maokai
Karthus Taric
Lux Cho'Gath
[Me]Alistar Sion
Udyr Olaf

So. I decided since everytime i play a tank my carry cant carry the team so i decided to play a carry but when i seen Ezreal,Karthus,Lux say I can't play a tank I suck at tanks and so I'm like fine. I can't trust anyone that you won't carry the team. Turns out that... I'm 2-0-10
And i ask myself... Wtf I thought there were gonna carry me even though i went roaming getting first blood for karthus and getting him fed thoroughly and you know... Tanks get blamed for when the team loses. Oh yeah.. Tell me to tank, then get blamed for losing. WTF?

TL;DR: When you play a ranked game and can't get your hands on a carry and then they tell you to tank and you do decent then you lose. THE TANKS GET TROLLED ON BECAUSE EITHER THEY CAN'T DO ENOUGH DAMAGE OR TANK HARD ENOUGH!!!