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Jax: open discussion

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1. Introduction:

After a brief inspection of the large list of guides for our favourite lamp-wielding champion, I discovered a few points that they have missed. This thread is dedicated to a new way of looking at Jax and of course, discuss it's viability. If you're satisfied with your present playing style, feel free to skip this post or better yet, explain why it is superior.

2. Present trend:

The current trend for Jax is to imporve these aspects of his game. First, players work for some lifesteal (Starks/Malady). This is followed by Phage -> Frozen Mallet. They then complete a Phantom Dancer and so forth.

All the items described, are very appropriate for any DPS champions in League of Legends. As a result:

a) High Damage
b) Excellent jungling
c) Great use of Counter Strike
d) Makes you a CC magnet*

3. A closer look:

  • Does Jax really need lifesteal?
  • Is dodge alone good enough to survive?
  • How does Jax combat a Ryze + Annie combo?
Jax is great with lifesteal. So is Master Yi. So is Twitch. All his skills deal MAGIC damage. The bonus does not contribute to lifesteal (correct me if it does).

Dodge alone can be good enough. In solo-queue games, one tends to pick carries. Hence, it's not unusual to go up against multiple physical DPS heroes. Even then, one prays that the enemy will not get a 'Sword of the Divine' end-game to augment their impressive arsenal.

Every good (read, not me) Jax player knows the present build is not cut out to combat burst damage. Annie and Ryze will litter the Fields of Justice with dead Jax skins.

4. Something borrowed, maybe new:

a) Warmog's Armour: this is what completes every tank. We shall rush this. Forget boots; running around bare-footed is preferred to ending up dead in every team skirmish. So please, start by buying the first recommended item.

b) Boots: Mercury/Ninja's Tabi. I see some getting Berserker's; that's good too, but not quite relevant to where we're going.

c) Sheen: Let the fun begin. Hurt them.

d) At this point, one can do 2 things.
  • Sheen -> Lich Bnae
  • Sheen -> Trinity Force
For my purposes, I strongly recommend Trinity Force as it gives more HP and a slow.
e) Customise:

I'll leave players with 2 slots to do as you like. Personally, I like to stack up on 2 Rageblades (passive is not unique). It costs just a little more than an Infinity Edge. If you ever get this chance, why not give it a try?

5. What do we have here?

At the completion of this build, Jax should have:
+ More than enough survivability early game
+ 3k HP
+ Great burst damage
+ Above average DPS thanks to Relentless Assault

Please note: with such burst capacities, not many DPS champions can beat you, even with a SOTD.

6. Other notes:

During my browsing, someone mentioned the use of Rod of Ages.
If you have the time to test this out, try to put the following in your build:

* Rod of Ages (rushed)
* Boots

*Rylai's Scepter
  • Golems are your friends
  • Lizards are cool
  • Defensive masteries (must have Nimbleness)
7. Closing:
I assume my readers will have had countless games with Jax (far more than me). Skill orders, runes and gameplay tips are thus omitted. Thank you for your input.