Fiddlesticks build top tier?

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Silent Reaper

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Hummmmm.... This is what I have as my build for Fiddtle Sticks

Spells: Flash (or Ghost) + Cliarvoyance

Masteries: 9/0/21

Two diffrent ability builds...
Get level one Darkwind then
Crowstorm > Drain > Fear > Darkwind

Second Build
Crowstorm > Darkwind > Fear or Drain

As for item builds there are lots of good ones.

Mejai's Soulstealer
Sorcery Boots
Haunting Guise is very nice early game
RoA is good, but if you have reliable and effective teamates you won't need this item.
Rylai's is perfect for crowstorm and drain. Good Hp buff too
Zhonaya's Ring make you the "Beef" in Beef Jerky. (I mean it)
Abysall Scepter is good
Graspfire is really good, but its a bit hard to use without hotkeys :s

Red: Magic Penetration
Yellow: Mana Regen or Dodge or Hp-> 18
Blue: CDR