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Fiddlesticks build top tier?

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I've seen Fiddle ranked fairly high in most ranking threads for high ELO play. I bought the Collector's edition a couple weeks ago, so he is now available to me, and I'm considering working him into my rotation. Now I've tried to look at the guides by way of the directory, but they are off site so I don't get to see COMMENTS on those guides to tell if they are worth anything or not.

So, for you elite Fiddle players, how do you build him? What is your rune focus, preferred summoner spells, and item build? If there is a great thread somewhere to point me to, that works as well. Thanks!

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Magic pen > AP. Level dark wind and kill all creeps quick, then try to get dark wind to hit both enemies a lot while they are near eachother during the laning phase. Also use the search feature, you aren't the first person to be curious about this.

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it all depends on their team but dark wind is sick for either solo mid or in a 2 man lane...i max that as soon as i can...in team fights a silence and damage hopping to their whole team is gg...summoner spells should be ghost and flash to make your ult very dangerous...fiddle is one of the slowest chars and ghost and flash will let you keep their team in your ult...magic pen/reduction is really good on him because of his low ap to damage ratio on his spells...ROA is a must have on him

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In my opinion the drain build is much more effective. This is the build i go.

Runes: Hp Quints, Cooldown in the blue, Hp Yellow, Mp Red (gives me 111 hp, +6 mp, +5 cooldown.

My starting item is a ruby crystal. That way i start with just about 700hp. It will be very hard for them to gank you early game. If you know who you are laning against and there isnt a big threat to getting ganked I get the tome so i can rush a Mejis fast.

Max drain and fear. At level 5 kill the golem.

Full item build

Ruby Crystal ---> Banshees viel (get this after mejis)
Sorcerers boots

From here i either go RoA or Void Staff

Last I get a Zhonya ring but the game never gets to this point.

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I've been playing Fiddlesticks almost exclusively the past month.
(I jungle Fiddlesticks almost all early game/middle game. I never show myself to the enemy unless I am going in for a gank/kill)

I rush Soulstealer as fast as possible. Therefore, I first buy 1 tome + 1 health pot.
I take Golem, jungle neutrals as soon as I hit level 4, and I solo dragon.
Yup, you can solo dragon as low as 4. Found that one out myself. =]

From then on, I just keep leveling, ganking, and helping that lane push. My ending items are:

Soulstealer, Magic Pen boots, RoA ( I rush this 2nd), then Abyssal Sceptor. If I have enough gold and if time allows, my last item would be Zhonya's. I ALWAYS save one slot for placing wards, and drinking Mana Exlirs.

Hoped that helped. =]

PS: I put 2 levels in both drain and crow and by level 5, I start maxing out Fear. You really only need a level 2 in Drain to jungle effectively. I put 5 in fear as fast as possible so the champs I kill can run around for 3 long seconds, with my ult up, doing close to 450 damage by the time fear duration is over and by that time, most champs I do that too have died since I'd drain them to death.

My Summoner Spells: Ghost And Flash

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His power comes from being able to stay in a fight and CCing and being able to use his ult without fear of death. You want to get these items: Rod of ages, Ryali's, Banshee's, they will really help you stay in the fight and use your ult very effectively.

Marks + Quints = Magic Pen
Yellow = HP/Level or CDR
Glyphs = CDR

9/0/21 spec, standard stuff.

I do my build as: Crow -> Drain -> Crow -> Fear -> crow -> ult then I prioritize Crows + Fear, I only get one level of the drain to help me stay in the lane since I buy a sapphire + mana pot + health pot at the start so no regen, and I try to rush catalyst.

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U can do the dragon at lvl 3 but its very risky in high elo games, if they find you u are dead.

like previously they said i go doran ring --> mejai--> sorceress shoes --> banshee veil ---> rylai scepter ---> whatever
Or shoes + ward + health pot if they are premade or there is a nother jungler
Or amplyfing tome if they have 3 or more squishies

My runes are :

Magic pen for red
Magic pen for quint
Magic pen for blue
Dodge for yellow

No need to buy a lot of MP after that . U have +19 by runes, + 16 by passive, +15% by masteries and + 20 by sorceresses shoes

U just need to stack AP until very late in the game where they have all banshee veil

Also dont do golem in the jungle first all the times, switch beetween your lizard, their lizard, your golem and their

Ah and also smite + flash of course with 9/0/21

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Hello. I am the best and proest at everything LoL.

And I will do my best to help you. Lol... Aight seriously now.

What you'd want with Fiddlesticks is actually Magic Penetration, a tiny bit of AP and maxed cooldown reduction. Those timely fears and silences will win you games.

Runes: Magic Penetration & Cooldowns
Masteries: Either offense tree or utility, it's up to you my friend

Now, the items:

Doran's Ring + HP
Sorc Shoes
Catalyst -> Banshee's (Upgrade as needed)
Haunting Guise
Abyssal Scepter
Glacial Shroud -> Frozen Heart

Still not done? Sell the ring and get either a RoA or Rylai's or anything survival.

Spells:Flash & Ghost (Flash is required, you need this really when you crowstorm)

Tips: Try to lock down the golem buff when you don't have your Frozen heart yet, it'll max your cooldowns allowing you to do crowstorms every now and then which should get you kills or double kills the very least. Here's the order, @lv6 you should have at least a point in fear, 2 drain, 2 silence. Crowstorm in -> Silence -> Fear -> Flash / Ghost -> Fear / CC (from allies) -> Drain.

Quoted from someone.

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I usually go full MPen for runes, with HP/level in the yellow slots for a little more survivability.

As far as item builds go (I'm playing around with this a bit so I'd actually appreciate feedback):

Faerie Charm + Rejuvenation Bead + mana pot -> rush Haunting Guise
Sorc Shoes
Abyssal Scepter
Banshee's Veil
Deathfire Grasp
Void Staff

I find cooldown reduction to be a lot more helpful than AP, and Deathfire adds another nuke, which can be quite helpful.

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1. Max Dark Wind.
2. 1 level of drain for laning. 2 levels if you are jungling substantively.
3. Fear > Drain.
4. Ult whenever.


1. Best build imo would be Catalyst + Haunting Guise. A build without HP will fail on Fiddle unless you feel like walking a razor's edge (or your opponents are ****). The mana capacity is also critical to re-use fear and dark wind in fights.

2. Some high elo folks use straight Mag Pen + AP (Guise + Mejai's); my interpretation is that their role plays very narrow for pure AOE burst with their ult, then gtfo. This gear strategy relies heavily on a competent team that will prevent you from taking too much damage, and also stresses your ability to get your ult off while hidden / without interruption. This build is also much weaker when your ult is down and you are in any sort of sustained fight.

As far as expensive items go -- RoA, Rylai, Banshee's Veil, and Zhonyas are fun picks.


Mag Pen reds.

Mag Pen, CDR, or CDR/18 blues, your choice.

Mana regen, dodge, hp/18 yellows, your choice.

Edit: And Summoner spells: Ghost and Flash. I think these are the most powerful, hands-down. Other team-supporting spells (Clairvoyance) are plausible, but not awesomesauce. Clair can be particularly effective though if you are concerned about jungle vs. jungle action.