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Twitch Build

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Junior Member


Hey all,

A couple of days ago i buyed twitch, and i really want to know wich items are good for him. Are the recommended items in the shop good ? Or are there better items that i can use to play him better then normally ?

Thanks for response

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damage items maximize his awesome assassination power.

twitch comes with massive attack speed abilities already, so anyone that suggests building those items 1st probably hasn't thought things out too well.

Items that add debuffs are great on twitch, since he can hit the whole team at once.

Sunfire cloaks, although ******ed for a real build, are absurdly funny. the aura works while stealthed.

tiamat has synergy with twitch's ult. if 3 characters are focusing a team mate while you spray and pray, they're all going to get hit with overlapping splashes for massive damage.

Personally, I like to rush a BF Sword, build it into a bloodthirster, and then build a +attack speed item/boots.