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Different Rune Page System

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So I was brainstorming a while and realized soon enough not even 10 runepages will be enough to cover all the different champions in the game. As it stands many champions require unique pages which are only designed for them. Examples include Shen, Akali, Vladhimir, Jax, Gangplank and many others. Given this situation you have only half of your runepages left to fill the roles of dpser, tank, support, jungler and caster. And this means you only get 1 runepage for each. Which doesnt leave a lot of space for customization. What I suggest is as follows:

Instead of having a set number of runepages to share among all champions why not have 1 runepage per champion. And if you want you can buy extra. This way you get to fully customize each champion. And in the scenario where you want to swap different runepages on the same champion (Some champions like ezreal.tf,teemo can go AD, AP, hybrid, etc) then you simply buy some extra runepages for given champion.

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While i love the idea,theres almost no reason to buy rune pages if it'll work that way. i mean yes, some champs are hybrid but still you usually stick to certain playstyle on champ and rarely change it,at least for me its like this.
again,i'm not against it,it would be great too have this,its just not profitable for riot.

but on that note,something that should've been implemented long ago is to have masteryz suit rune page,i mean i have [well,will get at some point.. xD] runepage for each general role like tank/carry.. ,but why do i have to change my masteryz every time i wanna play diff style? basicly i'm saying having mastery page for each rune page,that'll change with the page when you pick char.
its usefull when you play with randoms and w8 for them to pick chars so you can fit in the missing role [tank if theres none,ap or ad depend on rest of the team etc] and by the time everyone picks you have 10 secs to pick a champ and change masteryz and summoner spells,wich sometimes takes longer and you end up with half mastery or wrong masteryz for the role you took.

well,i hope they take your idea,and implement mine whie their at it xD