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Support a Worthy Cause! - Donate to WWF Canada!

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I (My school and I) am climbing the CN Tower this April to support WWF-Canada. I am totally up for the physical and fundraising challenge!

While I am doing my part, I am counting on you to help me reach my fundraising goal. The money I raise with the help of your generous support, will make a huge difference to WWF’s conservation work - all for our living planet.

Thank you for supporting our challenge, our climb and our planet!

You can donate as much as you want, even $1 or $2
Donations of $20 and over (with valid address) will receive a tax receipt, at half the donation
- $20 donation = $10 tax receipt
Don't worry about having your information stolen, WWF (World wildlife fund) is highly reputable
You can donate easily and safely using paypal if using your credit card online isn't your thing.


The donation process is quick and painless it'll only take 2 minutes of your time, and as much love as you can give. <3