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Blitzcrank ap>need comments

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ability power blitzcrank:
ok hi every1 im going to write about for what i am going with blitz and i rlly need some answers.

OK lets start

summoner LVL 30
TIER 3 runes
Masteries: 9 0 21
summoner spells CLEANS & FLASH(u wont die tiwth this and overdrive)

ok so im going to play blitzcrank on AP
items should be
1.st Doran's Ring [+10AP on lvl 1,120HP and some MP regen. NICE one to start with]
2.nd sorcerer's shoes[+20magic pen and some movement speed which u rlly need]
3.rd Abyssal Scepter[MUST HAVE.. with ulti.. monster kill..]
then more ap Zhonya'S ring and so on


14,85 AP 3*4,95(quintessence)
12,24 AP LVL 6(0,17*6)*12(Glyph) [this means that on lvl 1 i get 0,17AP on lvl its 6*17 and ill have all 12 glyphs its 12,24AP]
7,2 AP LVL 6(0,1*6)*12(seal)
11,4 M.Pen. 0,95*12(Mark)

so what do i get:
i should get
+34,29 AP from runes next 0,6AP pet Champion LVL from masteries its 3,6AP on LVL 6
+11,4 M.Pen. and my spells penetrate 15% of target magic resistace form masteries
+3% movement speed from masteries
+9% cooldown reduction from masteries
+1MP per second from masteries
+1G per 10 seconds from masteries
+3,75% experiences from masteries
+4% HP and MP regen from masteries
+5% MP from masteries
+20 magic penetration from Sorcere's Shoes
+57 magic resistance from Abyssal Scepter
and -20 magic resistance to nearby champions from Abyssal Scepter
(and few other things)

what does it mean?
with these magic pene and reduction i shuld reduce hero with 50magic resistence to 0 that means i should hit him champions with Ulti and Rocker Grab for full DMG
I'll have better cooldowns and nice regen
and better movement speed

on lvl six i'll have 37,89 AP from runes next 10AP from Dorans ring its 47,89AP on lvl six and 20 magic pen. from shoes +120hp from Ring and nice regen for HP and MP

OK so NOW what do you think??!

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I've been having a lot of fun with AP blitz recently. I go the standard 9 0 21 masteries as well with caster runes (magic pen marks, mana regen seals, ap glyphs, quints for movespeed but thats just bc im a sucker for movespeed and put of getting boots for the longest time). I find mejals and a lich bane gives me all the ap i ever really need. After that i just get standard tank type items based on the situation: frozen heart for lots of phys dps, abyssal for lots of magic, maybe a guardian angel if im getting focused (which i should be ). And of course more ap if i never find myself lacking in defense.

With ap blitz your mana shield passive matters a lot more so consider that with your item choices. With 2000+ mana after you've run into the middle of their team, blown all your cd's and lich bane charges, and gotten focused down to 20% life you have another 1000 life for 10 seconds to continue the pain or make your escape with flash. Plus, soul stealer charges make ppl focus you more, and as a tank that just means win. Despite playing ap i still kind of go with a support role.

Usually start with a dorans shield, then mejals, sheen, boots or lichbane in whichever order then tank stuff.

edit: on summoner spells you have a lot flexibility but I'm a fan of flash and teleport. I premade with an anivia a lot and its so satisfying to teleport to save her egg.

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rlly thx for your comment but ive got to say that ive played 5games today and my build was ring shoes abyssal and zhonia and my score was
1.st game 3:1:1 DEFEAT
2.nd game 12:1:11 WIN
3.rd game 7:5:9 DEFEAT(but i was AFK for long time so this one doesnt count )
4.th game 13:2:11 WIN
5.th game 17:0:15 WIN

even when im focused i always have flash or cleanse or overdrive ready and i escape from almost everything and almost everytime my 1st death is before i reach lvl 6.