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Urgot in 3s

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Hey all,
I have recently purchased Urgot, and i was looking for some viable builds/strategies for him in 3v3.
I have tried doing the whole manamune first thing, but i always seem to get rolled on if they have a blinking champ.
I think he is a super fun champ, but i guess i just cant seem to get him to his fullest potential.
Any tips/hints/suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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stand back and harass. This is the key to playing Urgot in ANY game. Stand back and harass.

Throw your grenade, and if u miss back off, last hit with your q etc, but wait for your grenade to come back.

When dealing with someone who can probably kill you, or stun lock u etc. dont give up. and dont run away. attack them. urgot can push out alot of damage rather quickly and because of your passive their damage will slow greatly. I like to play with flash/exhaust in 3s because of how powerful exhaust is in 3s. I can count numerous times where it looked like I was gonna die, i shouldv'e died but I didnt simply because i stood in the fire like a man and killed someone for it.