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The UI in this game has a really nice theme to it. The way the buttons look and the way the other nuances like the scroll bars and the corners of things really give the game a great feel to it. But the UI, I would have to say, seems to be one of this game's largest shortfalls.

The first thing I notice when I launch the game is that I don't really launch the game, I'm simply launching the launcher. Now maybe I'm a little nitpicky about this, but one of my biggest pet peeves is that I really dislike launching launchers. I want to be able to dive straight into the game. But this raises the issue of patching. But the game can still be patched with a simple check in the beginning that doesn't require a launcher window, and when the patching is done, the game will just load by itself. That or the patching could be done while the game itself is actually open, although I have to admit, I won't know how that's going to work x].

So now the game is open and I finally see the in-game UI! The UI looks excellent but it still has that launcher feel probably because of the WELCOME! image though. Hopefully there will be more meaningful content in that portion of the screen later on =].

Great! Now I finally get to play the game! So I click Play and am greeted by this odd arrangement of choices. There is plenty of room for an alternate arrangement of the boxes for example, vertical boxes for Normal and Ranked on the left and right sides, with a smaller square in the middle for Practice.

So I pick Practice because I want to get a feel for the game before things finally start counting. Wait... is that Times New Roman?? Why??? The font on the buttons is so fitting and looks so nice and neat. It feels weird to suddenly see a new font just for the room selection screen. But then I take a look to the info sidebar. Another font? That's three fonts on one simple page with a simple purpose. Other than the fonts on the page, this screen is perfect and shows just the right amount of information for the player.

Hey, actually, let's go create a game instead of jumping straight into the game. Woot! Now this is more like it! This screen looks excellent! The same font for the whole page, awesome selection screen, too! But why is that gap there on the right of the map preview? =[.

(Also, how come Summoner's Rift (Winter) and Summoner's Rift have completely different picture? The winter one has a map layout and the normal one has a map screenshot. And when creating a game, they have the same exact picture. Just kinda weird IMO.)

So now I'm in the waiting room and everything still looks great, but now the fonts are varied again. =\. Actually, it wouldn't be that bad, or even slightly annoying at all if there wasn't Times New Roman on the screen (or whatever it really is).

And since this forum is only for PVP.net/UI (non game), I'm not gonna talk about the in-game UI (which is great!).

But my single biggest issue with the UI in this game is PVP.net. Why do we need a whole other window just for our buddy list? I kinda want to close it because I don't like having my taskbar too full, but it only minimizes. I think the best way to handle in-game buddies is with an overlay similar to the one they have in HoN or just any Steam game. Just press a key combination to open up a semi-transparent screen that shows your buddy list and multiple chat windows that you were talking to your friends with. That seems like a much better way to handle the buddy system.

Anyways, I'm done with my review/rant of the UI. Sorry if the points I tried to make have already been made. I'm in a little time crunch right now x].

But please, no flaming. I really don't mean to come off as a perfectionist and if I do, maybe it's the time crunch =P.

But on an unrelated note, is the actual lobby interface built in Adobe AIR?