Runes/Items on Janna

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Hey guys I have been playing Janna a lot in normal but I don't really know what I'm doing, I have a general idea that usually wins games for me but I am wondering if there is better out there - and yes I have searched forums and watched streams but not too many good janna guides


Currently I run:
MS Quints
Flat CDR Blues
MP5/level yellows
Magic Pen reds

I usually start with 15% CDR with masteries

Boots + wards
Philo stone
Boots of speed
Soul shroud
Shurelya's Reverie
Aegis/will of the ancients

If the game hasnt ended by now I usually just get some exilirs or AP items, my CDR is maxed and my ms is pretty high, rarely I sell my dorians

In the streams I watch they normally stack dorians, and some games I will get 2-3 dorians and mejias, but philo stone is quite helpful as it generates around 500 gold if I leave it for a little bit

I don't like taking mid or solo, I perfer to be bot normally with an AD champ, range or melee doesn't matter
I have tried roaming but am not that good, if there is a video/guide out there I would be very interested!

Now, LoL community, critque me! I know what I am doing is not the most ideal, several times I run out of mana and it cost us a kill or two, or I cannot save my teammate

Summoner spells: CV and flash